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What the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) Said About

Imam Hassan (as) and Imam Hossein (as)?

what the holy prophet of islam (pbuh) said about

According to al-Bara"; I saw the prophet (PBUH) with Hasan son of Ali on his shoulder and saying, "O Allah, I love him, so love him".

Naysaboori quoted abu-Hazim and abu-Hurayra as saying: "I saw the Messenger carrying Hosein son of Ali and saying, "O Allah, I love him, so love him".

Hakim ascribed this Hadith to abu-Horayra: “The Prophet came out to us with Hasan and Hosein on his shoulders, kissing them alternatively until he came to the point where we were standing; a man then said, “O Messenger of God, do you love them? He replied, “Yes, whosoever loves them has loved me and whosoever hates them has hated me".

According to Bin-Abbas: "When the verse, {I do not ask of you a wage for this, except love for thekinsfolk} was revealed, people said, "O Messenger of God, who are those kinsfolk of yours whose love became an obligation upon us? He replied,"Ali, Fatima and their two sons".

According to Abu-Bakr: "I heard the Prophet (PBUH) saying from the pulpit looking at the crowd at a time and at Hasan, who was beside him, at another, "This son of mine is a master and perhaps through him Allah will set things right between two parties of Moslems".

Another narration by Tirmithy, the Prophet (PBUH) said: "Truly, by this son of mine, Allah will straighten out two great parties".

According to Ya"la Bin-Morra: "We were in the company of the Messenger and where invited to a meal and there he was Hosein playing in the road, and then the Prophet (PBUH) hurried ahead of us and stretched out his hands putting one under his chin and the other behind the back of his head, embraced and kissed him and said: "Hosein is from me and I am from him; Allah loves whoso loves him; both Hasan and Hosein are of the Asbat (grandsons).

According to Anas: "No one looked more like the Prophet (PBUH) than Hasan son of Ali (PBUH).

Bin-Seereen quoted Anas as saying, "Hasan and Hosein resembled the Messenger of God more than anyone else".

Abul Hasan Alee Toyoory Halabi ascribed a Hadith to Harith who ascribed it to Ali(PBUH), "More than anyone, Hasan resembled the Messenger of Allah in between the chin and the top; and more than anyone Hosein resembled the Messenger of Allah in between the chin and the toe".

Anas Bin Malik quoted the Prophet as saying, "We, the descendants of Abd al-Mottalib, are the masters of the inhabitants of Paradise; I, Hamza, Ali, Ja"far, Hasan, Hosein and Mahdi".

Salman quoted the Messenger of God (PBUH) as saying about Hasan and Hosein (PBUT), "Whoso loves them, I love and whoso I love, Allah Loves, and whoso Allah loves will admit to the Gardens of Bliss; and whoso hates them, I hate, and whoso I hate, Allah hates and whoso Allah hates will admit to the chastisement of Gehenna and for him there is a mighty chastisement".

According to Abu-Issac, Ali (PBUH) said the following and looked at Hasan or Hosein; "This son of mine is a master as the Prophet (PBUH) named him; and from his loin (descendants) a man will be born who has the same name as your Prophet and is similar to him in looks".

Tabari based a Hadith on Hothayfa Bin Yaman who quoted the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: “If only one day remains of life in this world, Allah will prolong it so that He will send forth a man from among the offsprings of my sons; he has the same name as mine". Salman said: “Of which one of your sons, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied: “Of this son of mine", and he tapped Hosein (PBUH) with his hand.

According to Hothayfa: "We saw delight in the Prophet"s face one day, so we asked him about it, he said: "How could I not delight when (archangel) Gabriel has already come to me and brought me news of Hasan and Hosein being masters of the youths of Paradise and of their father being better to them".

Zaid Bin Arqam quoted the Prophet (PBUH) as saying about Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hosein: “I am an enemy of their enemy and a friend of their friend".

Abdullah Bin Omran quoted the Prophet as saying: “Truly, Hasan and Hosein are my fragrant roses from this world".

Aysha reported that the Prophet (PBUH) went out early in the morning one day putting on a painted garment made of black hair; then Hasan son of Ali came and he let him in (under the garment) and then Hosein came and entered with him and then Fatima came and he let her enter and then Ali came and he let him enter; then he said: "People of the House, Allah only desires to put away from you abomination and to cleanse you".

According to Jabir Bin Abdullah, "While the Prophet (PBUH) was in Arafat one day he addressed Ali who was facing him saying: "Come near me O Ali; I and you where created from the same tree; your body was made from my body; I and you where created from a tree the trunk of which is me, you are its branch and Hasan and Hosein are its twigs; whoso clings to any of its twigs, Allah will admit to Paradise".

Mina" Bin Mina", the friend of Abdulrahman Bin Aawf said: "Don"t you ask before Hadith is mixed with lies! The Prophet (PBUH) said: "I am a tree, Fatima is its trunk or branch, Ali is its seed, Hasan and Hosein are its fruits and our Shiites (adherents) are its leaves; the tree is in Eden; the trunk, the branch, the seed, the leaves and the fruits are in The Garden.

According to Ali (PBUH): "The Prophet (PBUH) took the hands of Hasan and Hosein and said: “Whoso loves me, these two, their father and mother will have the same rank as mine on the Day of Judgment".

Ali quoted the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: "I, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Hosein and whoso loves us, eat and drink together until men are judged". A man heard that and asked about it saying, “How about the presentation before Allah and the reckoning?" I said: “How was it then for the man in Sura “Ya Sin” who was admitted to Paradise immediately?

The Prophet (PBUH) said to Ali (PBUH): “Truly, the first four people to enter Paradise are I, you, Hasan and Hosein; our descendants are behind our backs; our wives are behind our descendants and our adherents are on our right and left sides".

what the holy prophet of islam (pbuh) said about

According to Salman; "We where sitting around the Prophet (PBUH) early in the day when Umme Ayman (a wife of the Prophet) came and said: "O Messenger of Allah, Hasan and Hosein went missing"; the Messenger said: "Get up and search for my two sons". Each one followed a direction and I followed the Prophet (PBUH); he did not stop until he came upon a mountain foot and there was Hasan and Hosein clinging to each other and a serpent was standing on its tail with something like a flame coming out of its mouth.

The Prophet (PBUH) hurried towards it and it entered into a hole, the Prophet (PBUH) then came up to them, separated them, wiped their faces clean and said: "May my father and mother be your ransom, how precious you are to Allah!" He then carried one on each shoulder. Then I said: "Yours is blessedness, how excellent a mount yours is! The Messenger said: “And what an excellent riders they are! And their father is superior to them".

According to Anas Bin Malik: "The Messenger (PBUH) was sleeping on his back in one of his houses when Hasan came up walking slowly until he sat on the Prophet"s chest and passed water. I then came up to pull him away when the Messenger woke up and said: “Woe unto you O Anas, leave my son and the product of my heart alone. Whosoever harms him has harmed me and whosoever harms me has harmed Allah. Then, the Messenger (PBUH) called for water and poured it onto the spot.

According to Salman: "I dropped in on the Prophet (PBUH) and there he was Hosein on his thigh and he was kissing him in his eyes and mouth and saying: " You are a master, a son of a master, a brother of a master and a father of masters; you are an imam, a son of imam, a brother of an imam and a father of imams; you are a hujja (a complete authority), a son of a hujja, a brother of a hujja and a father of hujaj (pl. of hujja); of your offsprings the ninth is The Qa"im (standing) between them.

According to Akrima: “After Fatima (PBUH) gave birth to Hasan (PBUH) she brought him to the Prophet (PBUH) and he gave him his name. Similarly, after she gave birth to Hosein, she brought him to the Prophet and said: “This one is better than the other"; The Prophet then derived for him a name from his (Hasan"s) name; he said, “This is Hosein".

what the holy prophet of islam (pbuh) said about

Salman quoted the Prophet as saying: “I named them- i.e. Hasan and Hosein- after Aaron"s two sons, Shobbar and Shobayr".

Kanji Shafi"y based a tradition on Abdullah son of Hasan son of Hasan son of Ali, according to Rabi"a Sa"dee; When people"s opinion differed about the Preference, I saddled my camel, took my provision and journeyed until I entered Median and came to see Hothayfa Bin Yaman who said: "Who is your people?"

I said; “I am an Iraqi".

He said: "From where in Iraq?"

I said: “I am a man from Kufa".

He said: “You are welcome, people of Kufa".

I said: “Our people"s opinion differed about the Preference. Therefore, I came to ask you about it".

He said: “To the expert you came, I won"t tell you except what my ears had heard, my heart had known and my eyes had seen. The Prophet came out to us-as if I am seeing him right now- carrying Hosein son of Ali on his shoulder and putting his good hand on his (Hosein"s) foot and clinging it to his chest and said: "Surely, I know what you will differ about after me. This is Hosein son of "Ali; he has the best grandfather and grandmother; his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, is the master of all Prophets; his grandmother is Khadija daughter of Khowaylid, the first of all women to believe in Allah and His Messenger.

This, Hosein son of Ali has the best father in all people, the best mother in all people; his father is Ali son of abu-Talib, the Messenger"s brother, vice and cousin, the first of all men to believe in Allah and His Messenger; his mother is Fatima daughter of Muhammad, the Leader of all women. This, Hosein son of Ali has the best (paternal) uncle and the best (paternal) aunt; his uncle is Ja"far son of Abu-Talib who is adorned with two wings with which he flies to wherever he wants in Paradise, and his aunt is Umme-Hany daughter of Abu-Talib.

This, Hosein son of Ali has the best (maternal) uncle and the best (maternal) aunt; his uncle is Qasim son of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and his aunt is Zaynab daughter of Muhammad". He then put him on his shoulder, separated his arms then knelt and said: "O people, this is Hosein son of Ali; his grandfather and grandmother are in Paradise; his (paternal) uncle and aunt are in Paradise; his (maternal) uncle and aunt are in Paradise; he and his brother are in Paradise. Surely, no one of the prophet"s descendants was given what he was given except Joseph son of Jacob.

Haythamy and Tabarany narrated a Hadith ascribed to Abdullah Bin Abbas who said: "I was at the Prophet"s place and Hosein (PBUH) was sitting on his right thigh and his son Ibrahim (PBUH) was sitting on his left thigh and he was kissing them alternatively when Gabriel descended and said: "O Muhammad, Allah greets you and says: "I am not letting you keep both of them, so sacrifice one of them for the other".

The Prophet (PBUH) looked at his son Ibrahim and cried and looked at Hosein and cried and said: "If Ibrahim dies no one would grieve over him but me and Hosein"s mother is Fatima and his father is "Ali son of Abu-Talib, my cousin and blood relative; and if he dies, my daughter, my cousin and I will grieve over him and I choose my grief over theirs; Ibrahim died three years later. When the Prophet used to say see Hosein coming thereafter he would kiss and embrace him and say: "I sacrificed my son Ibrahim for him".

According to Bin Abbas; "Hasan and Hosein wrestled with one another at the Messenger"s place and he started encouraging Hasan by saying; "Come on, O Hasan! Well-done O Hasan". Aysha or Fatima (PBUH) in another wording- said then: "Do you help the big over the little one?" He said: "Gabriel is saying, well done O Husayn!"

Uqba Bin Aamir quoted the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: "When the people of Paradise become settled in it, Paradise would say: " O Lord, did you not promise me to grace me with two of your Pillars?" He would say, "Did I not grace you with Hasan and Hosein?" Paradise would then swing with pride, as a bride would do".

Amr Bin Ziad Thobani quoted the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: "Truly; Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Hosein are in the Yard of Sanctity (Paradise), in a white dome the ceiling of which is God"s throne".

Abu-Salama quoted abu-Horayra as saying: "Aqra" Bin Habis dropped in on the Prophet (PBUH) and saw him kissing either Hasan or Hosein; he said: "Do you kiss him? I have ten children I never kissed anyone of them!" The Messenger replied: "Truly, Allah does not have mercy upon someone who does not have mercy upon others".

According to Bin Abbas: "The Prophet (PBUH) used to fortify Hasan and Hosein by pronouncing this charm over them, I fortify you with Allah"s Perfect Words from every Satan and vermin and from every evil eye. He would then say: "This is how Abraham used to fortify his sons Ishmael and Isaac".

According to Ali son of Hosein (the fourth imam): "Hasan son of "Ali preached to people when Ali (PBUH) was murdered; he praised Allah and said: " The man who has died today could have been not be surpassed by any of the ancients and no one of the later folk can catch up with him regarding deeds; the Messenger of Allah used to give him his banner and he would fight with (archangels) Gabriel to his right and Michael to his left and he would not come back until Allah has bestowed victory upon him.

He has not left behind any gold or silver save Seven-hundred dirhems remaining from his allowance, with which he was planning to purchase a servant for his family. He continued: " O people, he who has known me, so he did and he who hasn"t, let him know that I am Hasan son of "Ali, I am the Prophet"s son, I am the Vice"s son, I am the Harbinger"s (bringer of good tidings) son, I am the Warner"s son, I am the son of the Caller unto Allah by His leave, I am the son of the Light-giving Lamp,

I am from the household whom Gabriel used to descend to and ascend from, I am from the household whom Allah Has put away from them abomination and cleansed them, I am from a household whom Allah made loving them a duty upon every Moslem, thus His saying to His Prophet (PBUH): { Say: I do not ask of you a wage for this, except love for the kinsfolk; and whosoever gains a good deed, We shall give him increase of good in respect of it}; so the meaning of gaining of the good deed is loving us, the Prophet"s Household".

According to Abdullah Bin Abbas: "the Prophet (PBUH) was asked about the certain words that Adam received from his Lord for which He forgave him, The Prophet said: "He asked Him, "By the right Mohammed, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hosein have, that you forgive me".

Tabarani related a Hadith based on "Ali Bin Abdulaziz who based it on abu-Na"im, Abdulsalam Bin Harb and Yazeed Bin abi-Ziad as follows: After leaving Aysha"s place the Prophet (PBUH) passed by Fatima"s (PBUH) house and heard Hosein crying, so he said: "Didn"t you know that his crying hurts me?"

Khawrazmy related a Hadith by the Messenger (PBUH) saying: "I am the scale of knowledge, Ali is its pans, Hasan and Hosein are its strings, Fatima is its hook and the imams of my community are its column; in it the works of those who love us and those who hate us are weighed".

Ali (PBUH) quoted the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: "I swear by the One in whose Hand my life is! A man"s soul does not leave his body until it eats from the fruits of Paradise or from the Tree of Zakkoum (a tree in Hell), he sees Death"s Angel, he sees me, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hosein; if he used to love us, I will say O Death"s Angel, treat him gently because he used to love me and my household; and if he used to hate me and my household, I will say, O Death"s Angel, be severe towards him because he used to hate me and my household. Only a believer loves us and only a wretched hates us".

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