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The Miracles of Imam Reza

The Camel implored Imam Reza’s protection

The following is an interview with Mr. Hussein Zadeh (one of the door-keepers of the Holy Shrine), who was the owner of this camel. He narrated the story, which happened about 30 years ago in the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH). He says:

"I purchased 12 camels on the last days of Bahman in 1352 (1973), and marked all of them, except one. We couldn’t catch this camel and mark it. So, we decided to send this one along with two other camels to the slaughterhouse placed in Mohammad Abad district. One of these camels was slaughtered, and the other ones escaped from the slaughterhouse, of which one camel, arriving atPanj Rah Street, turned toward the present street of 17th Shahrivar and the other one moved toward the Holy Shrine and stood at the beginning of Zanjir (chain) market, just beside the Holy Mosque of Gowharshad. This place is now the shoe-keeping room No.1. People made way for the animal to enter the Inqilab courtyard. Mr. Hasan Hosseini – one of the door-keepers of the Holy Shrine – said to me: "I witnessed a camel enter the Holy Shrine, circumambulate around theSaqqa Khanah(drinking water repository) for three times, and go toward theFoolad (steel) Window placed in the Inqilab courtyard, and start crying there. I became dejected to see this scene. So, I took steps forward and wrapped my green shawl round the camel’s neck. Then, I guided the animal to the Clock porch (western porch). Next day, the authorities ordered to transfer the camel to the Exemplary Farm of Astan Quds Razavi."

I became really dejected to see them carry the camel to the farm, but I didn’t say anything and returned to my room. Later, Mr. Heydari – the then chief of the Ceremonies Office-, called upon me to meet him in his office. I went there, and he said: "The camel has implored Imam Reza's (PBUH) protection. Now, say to me what you want me to do for you in return for your camel!" I said: "I request for the voluntary door-keeping position."

Then they guided me to Mr. Zahedi’s office – the then Governor General of Khorasan province and the Vice Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi -. He ordered them to issue a permission to let me serve voluntarily at the Holy Shrine as a door- keeper."

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