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Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Tabatabaie

He was the philosopher, Gnostic and interpreter of the holy Quran. He lost his mother at 5 and his father at 9 years old. He finished his early educations in Tabriz. He studied jurisprudence, essential, philosophy, Gnosticism and mathematics in Najaf when he was

young. He decided to interpret holy Quran, on the basis of his studies about the needs of the Islamic society. He wanted to spread the high meaning of Islam and the greatest divine deposit.

He has written so many books and articles during his life, which are as follow:

1. Al-Mizan, in Arabic language (20 volumes), and two editions of this book, translated (40 & 20 volumes).

2. Philosophy principles and Realism Method (5 volumes)

3. Explanation on “Asfar” which has been printed on the explanation of the new “Asfar.”

4. Albadayat Al-Hekmat

5. Alnahayat Al-Hekmat

6. Explanation on “Kafayah” which was printed, recently.

7. Shiism in Islam which has been translated in English, too.

8. Interviews with Professor Karbon.

9. An Epistle on Strength and Effect

10. An Epistle on Confirmation of Essence

11. An Epistle on Attributes

12. An Epistle on Deeds

13. An Epistle on Means

14. Al-Ensan Qable Donya

15. Al-Ensan Fi Donya

16. Al-Ensan Ba’de Donya

17. An Epistle on Prophecy

18. An Epistle on Vilayat

19. An Epistle on Derivations

20. An Epistle on Demonstration

21. An Epistle on Sophisticate

22. An Epistle on Combination

23. An Epistle on Analysis

24. An Epistle on Credits

25. Quran on Islam

26. An Epistle on Islamic Government

27. Trials between two Correspondents

28. Religious Teachings

29. Shiism Spirituality (Collection of articles)

30. Islamic Investigations

31. An Epistle on Invisible World

32. Inspiration or Mysterious Intelligence

33. Question and Answer

34. A Pamphlet on Syntax

35. A Pamphlet on Grammar

36. A Pamphlet on Calligraphy

37. Book of Poetry

38. Alal Falsafata Al-Elahiyat

39. Prophet(Pbuh)’s Rules

40. Lab-al-labab


Hazrat-e Allameh’s Outstanding Students:

1.         Ayatollah Javadi-e Amoli

2.         Martyr Ayatollah Motahari

3.         Martyr Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti

4.         Martyr Ayatollah Mousa Sadr

6.         Martyr Ayatollah Mofatteh

10.        Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah


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