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Simple Home Remedies to Cure Weak Memory

how to improve weak memeroy

Memory is an important factor in human being that helps us to store information and recall it whenever needed. At the same time, lapse in memory power can occur for any person due to several reasons. It is quite common to have weak memory at some point in our life. But weak memory should not become serious and cause personality problem and changes in behavior. Sometimes weak memory is caused due to brain disease and it may affect the normal functions of the affected person.

 Causes of Weak Memory

· The common cause for weakened memory is aging. As one grows old, there will be slowdown of concentration which may result in loss of memory. Sometimes, heightened stress and anxiety may reduce your memory. Certain powerful drugs are known to weaken the memory. Weak memory is also caused due to intake of certain medications for brain disease and tumors.

· Using alcohol or drugs

· Stressful lifestyle and lack of sleep would make your memory weak and poor. If you are not able to sleep properly previous night, then the chance of increased memory loss is high during the next day.

· In the modern technology, most of the people fail to remember even normal things, since they depend very much on computer and mobile for storing information.

Home Remedies for Weak Memory

Pistachio nuts: Weak memory may be due to thiamine deficiency. Pistachio nuts are rich sources of thiamine. ½ a cup of this weighs 0.54 mg of thiamine content. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of thiamine for men is 1.5mg and for women it is 1.1 mg for 50 years of age or younger.

Wheat germ: For memory loss of age-related concern, wheat germ is an apt raw material, which is enriched with vitamin E.

Blueberries: Blueberries are antioxidant-rich juicy fruits, which might help in short-term memory improvement.         

Carrots: Carrots are good memory boosters as they are a rich source of carotene. Mix carrot juice and apricot juice to make a luscious drink.

Eggs: Eggs have the fatty substance called lecithin, which helps in nourishment of memory nerve cells. This memory booster is also adequately present in soybean and sunflower oils.

Rose Mary: Rose Mary (Botanical Name-Romarinus Officinalis) is an effective herb for weak memory. Rosemary is an ideal remedy for mental exhaustion and forgetfulness. It can be taken as a tea and drinking once in the morning or twice a day can improve mental acuity.

Okra vegetable is traditionally used frequently in Asian cuisine because it is considered a good memory booster.

Develop a healthy sleeping pattern daily. Go to bed in time and avoid sitting and watching TV even if you don’t have to go for work next day. Your brain needs enough rest to function normally for the entire day and hence develop healthy habit of getting sleep for at least 7 hours a day.

Avoid the Alcohol

It is a known fact that alcohol kills brain cells. The more you drink the more brain cells you can kill. For an alert brain, stay away from alcohol altogether.

Avod Smoking

There aren't enough words to say how badly smoking is for you. Not only is it unhealthy in every way, but if you want to boost your memory, might need to stop smoking. Smoking is as bad for your brain as it is for the rest of your body.

Exercise the brain

This is actually a fun tip that can be done night or day. Buy the word puzzles and make your brain work. Another tip is to memorize something. If you prefer poems, memorize some poems. The key is you are making your brain work for a living. Don't let it be idle!

Exercise your body

The more you exercise, the more you improve your bodies circulation. This in turn, is excellent for boosting your memory as well as keeping your entire body healthy.





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