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  • 4/6/2005

Biographical information

Last/Family name MAHAJAN

First/Given name Mani

Date of birth  08 . 04 . 1984

Place of birth Tehran

Passport Number R 1498361

Supporter National Organization

Name of Invention(s):          

.:: Harmless Pesticide Spray


Description of invention(s)

This project is aiming to introduce a special kind of pesticide spray that could be used both at homes and in agricultural industry so effectively. This spray has made a big evolution in pesticide spray producing in agriculture, so that in case of being used on food products, they are already edible by human, and have no danger for human health.

More information about invention(s)

Patent registered in Department for Industrial Ownership & Companies Registration inIRAN

Rank 5 in 5th and 6th Kharazmi Young Festival in IRAN

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