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Master Mohammad Baqer Aqamiri

He was born in 1950 in Yasoukand, Garous, Bijar. He was so interested in painting from childhood that after being educated, he entered university and took painting courses and finally got the Painting bachelors degree from the Art University. After that he got the masters degree in Graphic field from the University of “Honarhaye Ziba” in Tehran. He also got the First Masters degree in Iranian and Islamic Art from the cultural society of Islamic Republic of Iran. He won the gold medal from Algeria International exhibition in 1987 and he also he had been chosen as the Servant of Quran in the Year 2000 in Tehran International Quran Exhibition.

His precious and valuable Artworks have been shown in the various exhibitions all around the world. Such as:

(1972) Hungary

(1975 & 1998) United Kingdom

(1982) Pakistan

(1983) Bangladesh

(1987) Algeria

(1988 & 1989) Canada

(1989 & 1998) China

(1989) Azerbaijan Republic

(1989) Tajikistan

 (1998) Malaysia

(1999) Switzerland

(2000) Cyprus

(2002) India

(2003) Japan

(2003) Turkey

United States of America (Seattle 1990) (New York, Washington 2001) (Los angles, Virginia, Texas 2003)

Master has painted and pictured about 40 books in Historical, religious and Artistic topics such as Hafez poet collections, Shahname, Holy Quran, Sa’adi’s Golestan & Boustan, and poets of Khayam, Khamseh of Nezami, the Iranian Folkloric Poems, Prophets Stories and a book named mother.

He already is teaching in the “Honarhaye Ziba” University,”Alzahra University,Azad University and Industrial School of Boys and Girls inTehran  in fields of Designing Carpets and Tiles.

Master is the President of the Iranian Miniature Society. He has 10 Artworks in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and some in National Bank of Iran Museum and Martyr Museum.


A Fellow traveler

“Golandam” (Delicate as a Flower)

Golfarang Khatoon

Sheikh of san’an and the Jewish, Christian Girls

The Gardens of Paradise

The Cry of Oppression

Listen to Reed pipe

The Passing of Life

The Peacocks of Fantasy



Ashura Midday


“Majnoon” in the Desert

The Eternal Painter

Flower & Bird

Jam E Jam

The Dome

The eternal Love


Lapse of Time

Imaginary Paradise

Khajooye Kermani


Dragon & Woman

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