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Khajou Kermani (Khwaju Kermani)


Abou-ol-Ata Kamal–o-Din Mahmoud-ebn-e-Ali-ebn-e Mahmoud that his pen name was Khajou Morshedi Kermani was one of the greatest mystics & poets of 8th century of Iran. He was born in a noble family inKerman in 15 Shawal 689. He supplied himself by a vast circle of knowledge and investigations during an extended journey through Hijaz & Persian Gulf. After the journey he culminated one of his namely works 'Homa & Homayoun' in his sojourn in Baqdad dedicating it to Sultan Abu Sa'eed & his Minster Qeias-o-din Mohammad. Ala-o-dole Semnani (died in 732) was one of the leaders of mysticism who benefited Khajou at the time of his life. He played the role of a eulogist for some of kings of Al-e-Mozaffar & in his stay in Shiraz accompanied scholars & erudite as Hafiz. Sheikh Abu Isac Injou supported him & suggested him to be his minster. Amir Mobarez-o-din Al Mozafar one of whom he praised killed him in 746.


Art Works

 In his Kamal Nameh verse book composed in 744 we see the name of his son Majid-o-din Abu Sa'eed Ali. In his poems in Kerman missing of him is visible. He was far from his son.

1. Saam Nameh, a book of verse includes epic & love poems that he kept the way of Shahnameh Ferdosi as other verses on that time. It narrates life story of Saam Nariman and his loves, wars & adventures. There are various volumes of this book and perfection is non's. The printed volume in 1319 sh. (1940) Covers 4500 lines. According to some issues of the book, Khajou had composed it on the name of Abou-l-Fatn Majd-o-Din Mahmoud the minster that the book is dedicated to him.

2. Asheganeh: the love story of Homayoun & Homa Chinese Foqfour's daughter. He composed it in 732 including 4407 lines, in his traveling especially in his staying in Baqdad. Intending to dedicate the book to Abou Sa'eed Bahador Khan when enteringAzerbaijan, he praised Ilkhan & his minster in the acknowledgement of it. But at the exact time of entrance he heard the death news of Abou Sa'eed & under provoking Khajeh Taj-o-din Ahmad changed it in the name of Shams-o-din Sain & his son Amid-o-din Rokn-o-din.

3. Flower& Norouz: the love story of a prince named Norouz & the king of Rome's daughter that bring this point to the mind that he composed it to revive the name of Nezami's Khosro & Shirin. Khajou mentioned at the beginning of the book, that it was Indian language & a story narrated by Babels'. He composed it in 742 in 5302 lines.

4. Rozat-o-l Anvar: he composed it to follow the well-known Makhzan-ol-Asrar of Nezami.    

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