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Haj Sheikh Abbas Qomi

Compiler of Mafatih- al- Janan

[1](1255-7 Day 1310 / 1877-28 December 1942)

Haj Sheikh Abbas Qomi was born in 1255 Sh. (1877) in Qom. He passed his childhood in Qom and after learning literature, left there to Najaf when he was eighteen.

As he was so keen of mastering Hadith, became a student of Haj Mirza Hossein Nouri. He wrote about his teacher: “I’ve always been with my master, during traveling or in his house, night and day I benefited his knowledge till he passed away.”

Leaving in Najaf for a time caused him illness thus he had to return Qom. He compiled several books there until in 1293 Sh. (1914), again left his hometown for personal problems and went to Meshed.

He never neglected carrying out his Islamic duties, always were busy scientifically and sermon people.

In 1312 Sh. (1934) he returned to Najaf and lived close to Holy Shrines. From then onward he was busy to compiling and also wrote a few books. In 1359 his illness severed and finally an 7th Day 1310 (28th December 1942) at the age of 65 died and was buried in Imam Ali’s Shrine yard, in the third portico of eastern porticos of Babal-Qebleh, in the adjacency of his master, Mohaddes Nouri. His most famous book is Mafatih- al- Janan.

[1] - Mafatih is a book containing many prays of Muslims which are used in many religious gatherings and customs.

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