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In the Assembly of Hasham

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said, "One of the years Hasham bin Abdul Malik traveled to perform Hajj. On that year, I too along with my father (Imam Mohammad Baqir) went to perform Hajj. I, in a congregation, said, "Praise is for the God who created Mohammad (PBUH) for the guidance of the people and made us revered and honorable by his existence. We are the selected ones of the God's creations and His caliphs on earth. Fortunate is the one who follows us and unfortunate is the one who opposes and has enmity with us." The brother of Hasham, who was present among the people and was regarded as one of his special spies, reported what he had heard to Hasham.

Hasham did not interrupt (molest) us in Mecca but when he reached backSyria he wrote to his representative inMedina, to send my father and me toSyria. The governor of Medina sent us to Syria. When we reached the assembly of Hasham we saw that all the Commanders had gathered over there.

Hasham himself was seated upon the throne of authority and all the Commanders were standing before him. They had placed an aim at a distant place and all of them were aiming and shooting (arrows) at it. When we arrived in the court, Hasham held my father in respect, honored him then he said, "Come close and you also take part in shooting."

My father said, "I have grown old, excuse me."

Hasham sweared and took oath that he would not let my father go. Obliged, my father held the bow and took aim. The arrow struck in the center of the point (aimed at). Again, he aimed another arrow at it. The arrow struck into the first arrow and split it into two and then struck the aim. He took a third arrow and took aim. The arrow struck the second arrow split it into two, and sat firm on the second place. Similarly my father continued up till the ninth arrow.

Hasham said, "That is all, Oh Abu Ja'far you are the most expert of the people who shoot. Hasham was smoldering and burning in the fire of rage and had repented upon his action. Thereby, he took the decision to kill my father. And to get himself out of the condition he started saying with a glib-tongue (eloquently) "The tribe of Quraish should boast of it over the Arab and Ajam (n-n Arab) that they have got a person like you."

Hasham enquired, "From where did you learn this expertise and mastery?"

My father replied, "God has bestowed upon us completely every knowledge and perfection, as His favor."

Hasham was greatly enraged and inflamed with my father's words and his face glowed red with anger. He hung his head down for a moment. Then he raised his head and said, "Are we and you not from the lineage of Abdul Manaf?"

Was the Prophet (PBUH) not from Abdul Manaf so that God sent him for the patronage of the people? From where did you inherit this knowledge?"

My father said, "we are a family of revelation and God has given us the specialties which he has not given to others. So that the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) told secrets to his son in law Imam Ali (A.S.), which he did not tell to the others. Similarly Imam Ali (PBUH) said in Kufa, "The Prophet (PBUH) opened a thousand doors of knowledge before me, so that from each of the doors a thousand other doors are opened."

Oh Hasham, it is we who have inherited that knowledge and wisdom no other persons.

Hasham remained silent and ordered that we be sent back to Medina honorably.

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