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The martyrdom of Haaj Hossein Qaffari

(7 Day 1353 /28 December 1974)

Hossein Qaffari Azarshahri was born in 1295 Shamsi (1916) in a farmer family. Soon he lost his father and was grown up under his older brother’s custody. He passed his primary education in Azarshahr village and then dispatched toTabriz with his brother/s accompany. There he went toTabriz seminary. After his returning to Azarshahr, he continued his studying with his uncle.

Finally after 30years gaining religious education, in 1324 Sh. (1945) he went toQom and benefited from Ayatollahs Broujerdi, Feiz-e-Qomi and the great Khansari. 11 years later he leftQom for Tehran.

His crusades

In 1340 Sh. (1961), when Hasan Ali Mansour [1] laid the six fold drafts [2], Ayatollah Qaffari tried to prevent its approbation.

In 1341 Sh. (1962), while clergymen’s crusades were at its climax under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Qaffari held meetings and speeches to reveal the then regime’s crimes.

In Moharam 1342, simultaneous with the bloody rise of 15 Khordad 1342 (5 June 1963) [3], he revealed what had happened on this day. On 12 Moharam 42 (4 June), returning from one of his meetings, the regime’s officials arrested him. On that night many clergymen were arrested inTehran and other cities. By seizing more than 80 clergymen, the government aimed to stop people’s crusades.

Ayatollah Qaffari was investigated and racked in prison. After his releasing, he went in opposing regime till Savak [4] arrested him again. But they had to release him according to finding no evidence against him.

During 1350-53 (1971-74), he used to have a new form of crusades. In Tir 1353, he was seized inTehran which was his last imprisonment. Savak tortured him to death and broke his teeth and hands.

His son told about his last visit with father:

“Father was dragged to visiting room. His hands and feet were broken and hadn’t more than one or two teeth in his mouth. We didn’t exchange more than a few sentences.

He said: I don’t think we see each other anymore.

He talked about Imam Musa Kazim (PBUH) [5] and because he couldn’t clear his teardrops –which he preserved just for God- with his broken hands, took his head down and cleared them with broken knees. I left there with objection. The next day we heard that at2 o’clock (7 Day 1353 [6]) he released from those tortures and martyred.

[1] - The then Prime Minister

[2] - These drafts seemd to be on behalf of farmers but they actually were for seizing their farms and orchards.

[3] - On this day people in Tehran, Varamion, Qom objected Imam Khomeini’s arresting by government and attacks to Qom Seminary. The soldiers were ordered to shoot at people and martyred many of them.

[4] - The intelligence center before revolution

[5] - The seventh Imam who had to pass most of his life in prison because the king was afraid of him and his followers. See the link.

[6] - 4 Day /24 December in some sources

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