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  • 12/22/2004

The Insurance Day

(13 Azar/ 4 December)

The Social Insurance in Islam

Taking care of the poor & provisions of their tangible, inward, as well as spiritual demands are mostly emphasized in the orders & recommendations of Islam Religion. The Holy Qur’an, anecdotes, as well as Islamic Fiqh (law), are filled with commands of supporting the life of the poor. However the philosophy of the foundation of the social insurance in the Islamic Law is totally different from the social insurances in the other social, political, and economic ideologies in the world. And this occurred because:

First, the Social Insurance in the Islamic Law basically refers to a special kind of worldview, which is formed upon the acceptance of the axiom of the unity of the humans (Human International Society), the necessity of the protection of the other people, as well as the real respect to them.

Second, the Social Insurance in Islam had been initiated upon the equality of the whole people with the same ideology. Muslims have to manage the others demands exactly as owns, because the Social, Islamic Society is based on a closed conjunction among the whole members of it. The Social Insurance in Islam divides into two groups of the General Insurance & the Personal Insurance.

In the General Insurance, it is not necessary for the injured person to sign an agreement with the insurer & also paying money to it. The aids that s/he receives are completely free. In this type of insurance also the insurer tries to retrieve the recompenses & the injuries of the special people of the underclass who are not able to provide their own life. Beside, it helps them by supporting them in their initial needs. In other hand in the Personal Insurance, the right of using of the premium for retrieving the injuries & the recompenses goes to one who signs an agreement with the insurer & paying money to the policyholder.

When the society isn’t governed by Islamic government or possibilities of the government are not that much sufficient to provide all the necessities of the deprived class or individuals of the society, by observing cast indigence and illness of them, they must help them to the best of their abilities and be in charge of supporting the concrete and abstract welfare of that person. Because according to the Islamic doctrine all the members of the society belong to a unique frame.

Private social insurance sources in Islamic rights

Islam shows us two ways for the extra payment of each person funds:

a)     Funds that are religious obligatory to pay, for example alimony, vows and atonements

b)     Funds that are recommended to pay, for example endowment, charity, favor, money loaned without interest and to look after orphans.

A glance at Iran’s insurance Industry

Private insurance is one part of the economical system of each society. Nowadays it is a credited industry, helps economical and social development. There are two kinds of private insurance inIran: first is obligatory such as health services, welfare and the second is optional.

After the Islamic revolution, the insurance companies become nationalized which was a deserved step for saving the national property. They work apart from each other but all of them are under the protection of central insurance and have unique guidelines. They just differ in service providing to people.

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