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Mu'tah University


Mu'tah University was established in 1981 by a Royal Decree from the Late HM King Hussein as a military institution of higher education. Later, in 1986, a civilian wing was added to the University. The philosophy behind the establishment of the Mu'tah University originates from an ambition of the Late HM King Hussein to fulfill Jordan's role as being an inheritor of the "The Great Arab Revolt", the greatest Arab revolution in contemporary history. Stemming from this philosophy and to enable the country to steadily face future challenges, Mu'tah University with its military/civilian nature is continuously endeavoring to supply the Jordanian society with competent graduates equipped with both scientific and cultural background coupled with leadership qualities. The University was named after a famous battle that marked the first encounter outside the Arabian Peninsula between Muslim and Byzantine forces in 629 AD and it was actually built on the same site where that battle took place.

Until 1985, a Special Royal Commission acted both as the University Board of Trustees and the University Council.  In 1985,  the Council  of Higher Education took over the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees and the special Royal Commission continued to perform it's duties as the University Council until the University formed it's own Council in 1997.

The location of Mu'tah University in the southern part of Jordan, the less developed part of the country,   is meant to serve as a source of enlightenment, modernization and development of this region. The Jordanian economic and social development plans have designated this region as a target    area   for   some   important   and   expensive investment   projects.  These include phosphate, potash, cement, fertilizers, electricity generation and tourism. The implementation and management of these industries and projects need highly trained human resources as well as new technologies and skills which will hopefully be provided by Mu'tah University.

The  University  is  currently  undergoing  vigorous  expansions  in  all academic domains so as to enhance its role  in  serving  the  local  community  and the country as whole in addition to providing quality education for the students. At present, the University comprises eleven faculties (Arts, Engineering, Science, Law, Economic Administrative Sciences, Education, Sports Sciences, Shari'ah, Agriculture, Nursing and Paramedics, and Medicine). This is in addition to the Deanship of Students’ Affairs, the Deanship of Scientific Research, the Deanship of Higher Studies, and the Center for Southern Studies and Continuing Education, Computer Center and many other facilities. All of these Faculties are equipped with the most modern laboratories and computers to serve teaching and research.

In the field of postgraduate studies, the University has recently established a Ph. D. program in Arabic language and literature in addition to various master programs in Mathematics, Arabic and English Languages, Geography and Electrical Engineering (Communications), Law and Police Studies. There are many plans for establish other programs to keep up with contemporary changes in science, technology and education. The University ranks as number one amongst Jordanian Universities in enrollment for evening studies. The evening studies program has been established with the aim of serving employees in the local community and in Jordan as a whole to continue their education. In addition, the University offers Parallel Studies Programs in many fields of studies.

Mu'tah University is considered now as one of the biggest universities in the country with a total intake of nearly 16,000 students from all over the country and abroad.


Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Economic Administrative Sciences

Faculty ofEducational Science

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Science

Faculty ofShari'ah

Faculty of Social Siences

Faculty ofSports Sciences


The Library

The library was founded in 1984, as a reference and research library, and since then it has served research, information and documentation needs of its users. It holds about 423.000 materials covering a wide range of subjects on: Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Science, Arts, Economics, Administrative Sciences, Law, Education, Agriculture, Nursing, Medicine and General Knowledge.

The library is at your disposal with its various materials: Books, References, Periodicals, Handbooks, Reports, Guidebooks, Proceedings of Congress, Conferences, Symposiums held in Jordan and abroad. These Dissertations, Standards, microforms (microfiches, microfilms, Slides) and other materials in Arabic and Foreign languages to fulfill the needs of researchers.

Library Departments:

1. Department of Technical Services:

Director: Dr. Qasem Nawafleh

P O Box (5)

Al-Karak, 61710



It followed by the following sections:

a. Book Acquisition section.

b. Classification and Cataloging Section.

c. Periodicals Section: Click Here, to See The List of Periodicals.

d. Computer Application and Database Section:

- Graduate Studies Computer Laboratory.

- EBSCO Database

- Adalah Law Database (Faculty of Law).

- Hinary Database (Faculty of Medicine).

e. Binding and Exhibition Section.

f. Exchange and Gifts Section.

2. Department of library Services:

Director: Mohammad Al-Sarireh

P O Box (5)

Al-Karak, 61710


It followed by the following sections:

a. Circulation Section.

b. References Section.

c. Special Collection and Documents Section.

d. Microforms Section.

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