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Hungarian Proverbs

Ki mint veti ágyát, úgy alussza álmát.

You will sleep as you make your bad.

You will get what you are preparing for (what you deserve)

Addig jár a korsó a kútra, amig el nem törik.

If the pitcher goes to the weel often, finally it brakes.

If you constantly take the risk, you will finally be in trouble.

Hamarabb utolérni a hazug embert, mint a sánta kutyát.

It is easier to catch a liar than a lame dog.

Ki a kicsit nem becsüli, a nagyot nem érdemli.

If you don't cherish the little, you don't deserve the more.

Ki mint vet úgy arat.

We reap as we sow.

Ne fesd az ördögöt a falra, mert megjelenik.

If you draw the devil to the wall, it will appear.

If you talk of the devil it will appear.

Aki korpa közé keveredik azt megeszik a disznók.

Who gets mixed up with bran will be eaten by pigs.

G: Gather thistles expect pickles, evil communications corrupt good manners.

Fejétől bűzlik a hal.

Fish stinks from its head.

Most mistakes (of organizations, companies etc.) originates among the leaders.

Egy fecske nem csinál nyarat.

One swallow doesn't mean the summer is here.

One person alone is too little to change things.

Nem esik messze az alma a fájától.

The apple falls close to its tree.

People often behave similarly (negative) than their parents.

Megéri a pénzét! (About a person(

He is worth his money.

Not a good person.

Nézd meg az anyját, vedd el a lányát.

Watch her mother before you marry a girl.

Kicsire nem adunk!

Something as small doesn't count.

It doesn't matter.

Sok kicsi sokra megy.

Many small things can add up a big one.

Más szemében a szálkát, magáéban a gerendát sem látja.

He sees the mote in others' eyes but not the beam in his own.

He takes other's small flaw seriously, while ignores his own big mistakes.

Nem akarasnak nyoges a vege.

Laziness brings struggle.

Nem mind arany ami fénylik.

Not everything is gold which shinny is.

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