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  • 10/17/2004

The Day after Tomorrow

"Tomorrow" a flick to put off for another day

Global warming leads to a new ice age in this yawner of a disaster film.

The polar ice caps are melting, causing frigid air and freakish storms to assault the world. Tokyo is buffeted by hail the size of baseballs;New York drowns in a flash flood.

After the Big Apple is swamped midway, the film is left with a boring mix of survivors, including Jake Gyllenhaal, way too old to be playing a 17-year-old high school student.

 Will Quaid's character be able to rescue his son from the New York Public Library? Meh. You'll be rooting for the more lifelike killer hail.

DVD extras include two commentaries and two deleted scenes that add nothing to the film. Disaster movies such as "Day" are just high-tech snuff films. We really come for the destruction, but the trailer featured all the money shots. Given, however, the recent disastrous weather afflicting Florida, you may find yourself reconsidering the film's shaky science.

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