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The Hashemite University


The idea of establishing theHashemite University as the 5th official university in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan came into existence due to a number of considerations.
The most important of such considerations are the following:
The high number of students who travel daily from Al-Zarqa Governorate (the second highly - populated Governorate in the Kingdom), to Amman, where they study at the University ofJordan.
The high number of students who study abroad and who spend large amounts of hard currency as costs of their studies;
The maintenance of local balance of establishing official Universities in Jordan, which demands establishing an official university in Al-Zarqa Governorate, which, with that of Amman, constitute about 65% of the overall total population of Jordan. This major factor emphasizes the importance and need of establishing another official University in the middle sector of the kingdom, beside the university of Jordan, despite the fact that the policy of admittance to these two universities dictates that students be accepted from all over the kingdom.
The reduction of students’ pressure for admittance exerted on other official universities, especially the University of Jordan, which suffer from the increasing number of students admitted every year; such a number exceeds the capacity of these universities, and negatively affects the output of higher education as a whole.
The availability of a capability of attaining a civilizational as well as cultural balance with the rest of the Governorates of Jordan; By establishing the Hashemite University in Al-Zarkra, this university, in its modern concept, is not only an institution for providing academic knowledge but also a center for intellectual as well as cultural enlightenment.
The International Relations Office had been established at the Hashemite University on Nov. 17, 1998 for the reason of a global academic atmosphere by adopting an international strategy focusing on establishing partnerships, agreements and contracts with universities and academic institutions internationally, regionally and locally, for faculty members and students' collaboration and exchange.

Fulfilling the University's mission in a changing world by exposuring to the world community establishing links with academic institutions universities, and research organizations around the world at the faculty, department, and discipline levels. Also through international communications which assist in the identification of potential research, funds and grants from the world organizations. In addition to the function of locating research centers and universities on the local, regional and international levels to collaborate with them for establishing research nets and contracts.


Sciences & Arts
Allied Health Sc.
Educational Sciences
Sport Science

Since its establishment in 1995, The University Library is committed to providing effective literature and information support to the academic and research activities through a wide variety of resources and services. The library has a collection of more than 120.000. - Volumes of books and journals, approximately three thousand items in microform, and a selection of audio-visual media.
In addition to more than five thousand online, Internet accessible titles through the following Databases, the University library acquires five hundred current Arabic and foreign periodical titles through subscription, gift and exchange. An inter-library loan system has been developed to acquire materials not available in the library from major, local and foreign libraries and information centers. The book stock is arranged in a classified sequence based on the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Books and periodicals are housed on open stacks, providing a free and an easy access to library materials. For efficient library appertains and better services, all major library functions have been computerized using the ORACLE database management system. Ten terminals are available in the library for searching the OPAC catalogue.
Postal Address
 The Hashemite University P.O. Box 150459, Zarqa 13115, Jordan
Tel : +962 (5) 3826600 Fax : +962 (5) 3826613 Email : huniv@hu.edu.jo

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