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Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow

rudolf ludwig karl virchow

‎(October 13, 1821, in Schivelbein[?],Pomerania -September 5, 1902, in Berlin)‎

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Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow was a German doctor, pathologist, biologist, and‎ politician.Virchow studied medicine in Berlin at the military academy of Prussia, where he‎graduated in 1843. He became professor in 1847. Due to political reasons, he moved‎to Würzburg two years later, where he worked on anatomy. In 1856, he returned to ‎Berlin.

One of Virchows most famous rules is Omnis cellula e cellula ("every cell originates‎from another cell"). This relates to his findings that not the whole organism, but only‎certain cells or groups of cells can become sick. Virchow founded the medical‎disciplines of cellular pathology , comparative pathology (Comparison of‎diseases common to humans and animals), anthropology and ethnology.

Virchow also worked as a politician to improve the health care conditions for the‎Berlin citizens, namely working towards modern water and sewer systems.‎

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