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Mohammad Ali Rajai

(1933_30 August 1981)

Mohammad Ali Rajai was born in the city of Qazvin in 1933. He lost his father at the age of four but could manage to complete his studies at the elementary school under he supervision of his mother and elder brother. At the age of 14, he left Qazvin for Tehran to work inTehran bazaar. Later he took part in the Air Force Entrance Examination at 17. In there, he operated with Fadaeeyan Eslam', which carried out activities against Pahlavi regime and benefited from the late Ayatollah Taleqani's classes. In 1953, for his political activities against Palavi’s regime, he had to resign from the Air Force. There fore he began his new career in Education Ministry as a mathematics teacher. In 1970, he left Tehran for the city ofKhansar and later returned toTehran to continue his studies in the field of statistics. Although he continued his political activities and cooperated with Students’ Islamic Association, he was arrested in 1973 and got imprisoned but was released in 1978. He bearded hard tortures in SAVAK jail, but he didn’t leave his aim and continued it.

After the Islamic Revolution, Rajai was appointed as the Minister of Education. In 1980, for his conspicuous activities in order to help the Islamic government, he was appointed as the prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran and was later elected as a president. In his presidency period, appointed Shahid Bahonar as his prime minister. His presidency period was along with the beginning of Imposed war and for this reason he faced many difficulties made by internal and external enemies. But he didn’t disappoint, and continued his holy duty.

During his life he was so humble and respectful. Although in the last years of his life, he had high ranking positions but he always preferred to introduce himself as a teacher, not as a minister or president. He considered these positions as God’s examination and always told his friends to be careful about his behaviors and attributes in order to control his sensual desires. People were always surprised by seeing his simple life as a president.

He was martyred along with Shahid Bahonar when holding a meeting in his office onAugust 30, 1981.

A strong napalm bomb blasted at3 o’clock on the Sunday’s afternoon 8 Shahrivar, and
martyred some of the responsible authorities including the president Mohammad Ali Rajai
and the Prime Minister Dr. Bahonar and some others were left injured. This explosion
occurred while the Security Council’s meeting was being held in the presence of the president, the Prime Minister, and the military authorities. Forthwith after the explosion, the guards, fire brigade, the police and emergency services arrived and began the rescue operation.
Fire was blazing and the conference room was filled with smoke and soot. Meanwhile, having heard the sound of explosion, people gathered in front of the building to
help the relief teams but the president and the prime minister were not among the injured.
Recognition of the burnt dead bodies was also impossible. Some of the injured were given   immediate treatment and some others were rushed hospital.
At last, atmidnight it was to be known, that unfortunately, both the president and the prime minister had surrendered their souls to God.

We hope that the martyrdom of Mr. Rajai and Mr. Bahonar will help the continuation of
Islamic Revolution and the campaign against other superpowers like U.S.A, their domestic
mercenaries, hypocrites and other similar groups.

Some parts of Imam Khomeini’s message on their martyrdom:

“…One should find out what the real motivation of those who convict such crimes is. Might their motivation be that they would be promoted to the higher level of ruling in the next regime? Did they not know this nation? Are they not aware that those who are far way from Islam and leads the terrorist along their leaders for whom they work, has no place in the heart of the people?

Our nation is so calm and so sure for the ones who occupy the ruling positions, are from the people. They are not the ones who have been so rich and special. Therefore; our nation is so sure that in the case of the loss of the martyrs, there will be other volunteers who seek for martyrdom. While being so depressed because of loss of the martyrs and although they have been so outstanding for our nation as well as our republic system, there are followers right behind them, the ones who are committed and true believers as well as the nation...”

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