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Ivan Turgenev

(November 9, 1818 - September 3, 1883)

Ivan Turgenev, photo by Félix Nadar (1820-1910) Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was a Russian novelist, poet, and writer, most famous for his novel Fathers and Sons.
Turgenev was born into a wealthy family, but suffered at the hands of an emotional and abusive mother, who terrified young Ivan. After the normal schooling for a child of a gentleman's family, Turgenev's higher education took place inSt. Petersburg from 1834 to 1837 and inBerlin from 1838 to 1841. The German transliteration of his name is Iwan Sergejewitsch Turgenjew.
Unlike the other two Great Russian writers of this time, Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky, Turgenev was uninterested in religion, and this led to a strained, highly artificial friendship with the other two. However, Turgenev was on good terms with
Turgenev was also the friend of Henry James, who wrote a favorable review of the French translation of Virgin Soil, as well as other articles about the writer. James helped introduce Turgenev and Russian literature generally, into the English speaking world.

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