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  • 7/4/2004


Reviews of the latest remake ofAround the World in 80 Days are decidedly mixed. On the one hand,Roger Ebert in theChicago Sun-Times is calling it "a jolly comedy made from the wheezy high concept." Stephen Holden in theNew York Times calls it "a deliriously silly caper that goes out of its way to thumb its nose at logic." And Manohla Dargis in theLos Angeles Times writes glowingly that the movie "sails along on a slipstream of pleasant scenery, amusing incident and the boundless charms of its appealing leading men,Jackie Chan andSteve Coogan: It's an unexpectedly buoyant spectacular." On the other hand, Chris Kaltenbach writes in theBaltimore Sun: "Heaven knows what the suits at Disney were thinking, for what they ended up with was a bland Jackie Chan movie and a lifeless travelogue.

"Similarly Lou Lumenick writes in theNew York Post that the film amounts to "an exceedingly lame vehicle for an increasingly tired-looking Jackie Chan. [It] might as well be calledAround the World in 80 Yawns." Noting that the film reportedly cost $110 million to make, Stephen Hunter asks in theWashington Post: "How could they spend so much money and end up with something that looks soOrlando?" Liam Lacey in theToronto Globe and Mail notes dolefully that while Disney bought the film and didn't produce it itself, it nevertheless "resonates with the Magic Kingdom experience." And Jack Mathews in the New York Post grumbles that the movie "is one of the lamest remakes of a classic film I've ever seen."

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