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  • 5/3/2004

Robert De Niro in 'Godsend'

Godsend, a horror flick that already has attracted controversy because of its plot -- about scientists who clone a dead child -- is also attracting some pretty horrendous reviews, especially surprising since its stars includeRobert De Niro,Greg Kinnear andRebecca Romjin-Stamos. In his review in theWashington Post, Desson Thomson says that he'd like to get De Niro on the phone to ask him, "Bobby, very seriously, is there anything you say no to anymore?" (Peter Howell in theToronto Star figures that "De Niro has been replaced by an inferior clone."Wesley Morris in theBoston Globe describes the movie as "vile." Gene Seymour inNewsday is kinder, calling it "this soupy, tedious mess." "It's a thriller, a bad thriller, completely lacking in psychological or emotional truth," writesRoger Ebert in theChicago Sun-Times. Lou Lumenick in theNew York Post begins his review by writing, "There's no excuse for a thriller as lame, leaden and unthrilling asGodsend, which manages to take a potentially interesting subject -- human cloning -- and use it to put audiences to sleep."

Taken From: http://www.imdb.com/news/sb/2004-04-30#film3

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