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Motawakel’s Death Prepares the Grounds for the Savior of Mankind

imam hadi (a.s)

Imam Hadi, you endured many hardships during the course of your struggle against tyranny of the rulers of your time. They spared no effort to disturb you and even had their plans to kill you.

On his last days, Motawakel orders his servant to kill you, but you tell him: it would take no more than two days when Motawakel is dead and so it happens.[1]

Motawakel is finally killed while sleeping drunken in his castle by his son Montaser who is a lover of you and your father (PBUH) and Montaser comes to power.[2]

Montaser clearly loves Ali (PBUH) and his descendants and orders people to go on pilgrimage to tomb of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and gives immunity to Alavids who lived in fear under the rule of his father, but he does not last long.

You see Bashr bin Suleiman in Samara and give him money and a letter in Roman and say “I want you to go to Bagdad and buy me a bondwoman.”‌ Bashr bin Suleiman says “ok! I’ll do as you wish.”‌

You explain to him the characteristics of the bondwoman to be bought and he does not know the bondwoman would be Melika (Narjes (PBUH)), the daughter of Roman Emperor, who is going to be the mother of the unique savior of the world, Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

The divine providence is such that everything is arranged for the Savior of Mankind to be born in the future as one of your descendents. The way a daughter of the Roman Empire is taken captive and is brought to the Islamic territories, your knowledge of this story, the way you send your man to bring her to your household even in the name of a bondwoman all indicate that God the Almighty had destined that the Savior of mankind should be one of your descendents.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


[1]Kashf al-Zama vol. 3, p. 184

[2]Moravej al-Zahab vol. 4, p. 38

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