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University of Isfahan


The University of Isfahan is beautiful and has a unique location. It is a state institution. The campus is located at the foot of the Kuh Soffeh (Soffeh Mountain) with an area of 4.5 million square meters. Being the largest university in Isfahan Province, The University of Isfahan is graduating students in various fields of various fields of Science, Engineering, Human Science, Economics, Linguistics, Educational Science and Sport Science. The university hill has a unique view over thehistorical city of Isfahan.

The University of Isfahan in the past
The University of Isfahan was established as an academy with 100 students in 1946. Then the number exceeded to 14,000 in the school year of 1994-1995.
It is a campus keeping in step with the beauty of the city and is an educational institution working to keep up with the changing times.

The University of Isfahan in the present
At the present time, the total number of the student of the total number of the student of theIsfahan university is 14,000. The university has 450 academic members. It consists of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors.
As it is the case with nearlyallstateuniversity, every attempt is made to design the course to meet contemporary needs and to anticipate future demands as well as to enable the students to develop a broad base of knowledge in their chosen fields. In this respect, they acquire the ability to respond positively to the challenges of the modern world.
Having 50 years of experience, Isfahan University is now one of the leading higher educational institutes in Iran. The university embraces nine faculties with nearly 30 departments. 70 courses are offered to the undergraduate and 55 courses to the postgraduate students. Undergraduate Degrees:
The usual length of time required to complete the courses for Bachelor's degrees is four years. Each term, students can register for 12 to 20 credits. Postgraduate Degrees:
The number of credits required for Master's and Doctoral degrees is at least 32 and 42 credits respectively. Minimum and maximum period required for a master's degree is two and three years. The usual length of time for Doctoral degree is four years. The average scores for both Master's and Doctoral degrees must be above 14 and 15 respectively to graduate.


The University of Isfahan, with over 50 years of experience, is one of the leading higher educational institutes in Iran. The university embraces seven faculties with thirty departments as well as an evening school. It is also subscribed to a graduate school offering Master's and Doctoral degrees in many disciplines throughout the university.

Faculty ofadministrative sciences & economics
Faculty ofeducational sciences & psychology
Faculty ofengineering
Faculty offoreign languages
Faculty ofliterature & humanities
Faculty ofphysical education & sport sciences
Faculty ofscience

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