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5 December 2003

In 1985 the UN General Assembly designated that December 5th be observed with an annual celebration by communities, peoples and governments of all that is achieved around the world by volunteers.
"When you think of it, it's gestures of goodwill, help and encouragement which really 'make the world go round'. When so much news is sad or bad, this good news is well worth celebrating. Help for one's neighbour is part of the tradition of every society and civilization. It brings out the very best in men and women and generates some inspirational experiences. Nor has the need for such assistance diminished with progress. On the contrary, a sense of community, participation, solidarity and caring is more vital than ever before. International Volunteer Day is for volunteers of every kind, everywhere. Whether you offer your talents to improve facilities where you live, your donations to a charity, your friendship and counsel to those ill or despairing, or your time for technical cooperation in developing countries, IVD is for you."
Key thought for reflection:

Selfless workers ... set the pace for others. Have faith in the goodness of human beings and tap them at the right point. They will respond.

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne

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