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Beirut Arab University



Beirut, the Lebanese metropolis, the meeting point of ancient civilizations, enjoys a special geographic location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This location distinguishes the city culturally, economically, commercially and academically; hence it became the chosen centre for various major institutions, including universities which are of necessity the best projection of the city’s distinctive historical background.
Beirut Arab University (BAU), located in the city of Beirut is one such centre of culture and enlightenment.  It is a private institution for higher education founded in 1960 by El Bir and Ihsan Society, and subsidized by the late Egyptian President Gamal Abd El Nasser. The university is academically affiliated to Alexandria University, which provides BAU with highly qualified staff members, and awards its graduates their degrees. University objectives include the service of Lebanon and the Arab nation, by offering Lebanese and Arab students a modern first rate education in various areas of academic study.

BAU includes nine faculties:

Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Architectural
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Science

Academic Programs and Languages of Instructions

1. Undergraduate Degrees:

Programs follow international educational curricula to cope with the rapid progress in the humanities and applied sciences, with an eye to meeting the future demands of Lebanese and Arab societies. Most faculties apply the semester system of fifteen weeks each. Degrees are awarded at the end of the respective study periods, by the University of Alexandria upon the recommendation of BAU council.

2. Postgraduate Degrees:

BAU awards postgraduate degrees to graduates who wish to pursue higher studies. The University has all the essential facilities, for in addition to its highly qualified staff members, it offers its students the use of modern libraries and laboratories, as well as easy access to the internet. Applicants for postgraduate studies must hold undergraduate degrees either from BAU or from other universities, officially accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

Language of Instruction:

All programs and examinations are set in English in scientific faculties and the faculty of Commerce. The language of instruction in the faculties of Arts and Law is chosen in accordance with the varying nature of taught courses. Students take their examinations in the language of instruction they have received.

Alexandria Branch:

BAU founded a branch in Alexandria to receive Egyptian as well as Arab students. Lectures on all courses in different BAU faculties are given in full coordination with respective faculties in Alexandria University.

BAU in Alexandria includes the following faculties/departments:

Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Commerce

BAU includes a central library as well as many specialized libraries, occupying 3000 square metres of the University total area.

The Central Library Includes 65397 volumes, 39084 in Arabic, and 26313 in other languages such as English, French, Persian and Hebrew. It also includes audiovisual tapes for the benefit of students in the Department of English Language and Literature and users of the language laboratory. A periodical and newspaper hall is annexed to the main reading room receiving 1686 different publications in different specializations.
The Faculty of Law Library Includes 15299 volumes: 9458 Arabic volumes and 5841 volumes in other languages, mainly French. It also includes 160 specialized periodicals
The Faculty of Commerce Library Includes 15465 volumes, 5994 in Arabic and 9471 in other languages, mainly English, as well as 100 different periodicals.
The Faculty of Architectural Engineering Library Includes 8034 volumes mainly in the English language, as well as 175 periodicals.
The Library for Basic and Applied Sciences (Engineering, Science and Pharmacy)
Includes 10662 volumes, 8731 in languages other than Arabic,  mainly English. It also includes 170 periodicals.
Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry Libraries Relatively new, at the moment it only includes 1044 references, mainly in the English language, as well as 83 specialized periodicals.

Beirut: +961 1 300110    ; Fax: +961 1 818402
Alexandria: +203 4865739;Fax:  +203 4874850
P.O.Box  11-5020
1107 2809

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