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Ataturk University


Ataturk University was established in accordance with the wish of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is founder of Modern Turkey. As early as 1937, Ataturk wanted to have a university established in the eastern part of Anatolia. His dream could be realized in 1957, 19 years after his death because of some economical, social and some other factors.
AtaturkUniversity is now 45 years old. It has nearly 40 000 students: 36 000 undergraduate and 3 000 graduate. The university is hiding nearly 2500 academic staff of which 226 professors, 135 associate professors, 650 assistant professors and more than 1000 research assistants.
AtaturkUniversity is one of the biggest universities inTurkey. It has 15faculties.

These are:

Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education (in Bayburt)
Faculty of Education (in Agri)
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Pharmacology
Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Veterinary Science

In addition to these faculties,Ataturk University has manyvocational schools, some of which are scattered in districts of Erzurum and in few of the neighbouring provinces.
These are:

Schools of Nursing
Vocational School of Erzincan
Vocational School of Erzurum
Vocational School of Bayburt
School of Health Services
School of Theology
School of Public Health
School of Physical Training
Vocational School of Oltu
Vocational School of Aşkale
Vocational School of Refahiye
Vocational School of İspir
Vocational School of Narman
Vocational School of Tercan
Vocational School of Hınıs

The University has three Graduate Schools related to positive and social sciences and to the Medical field. It has 6 different institutions and 10 research centers.
AtaturkUniversity has played a very important role in the educational progress and in the social and cultural life of the region. However one of the important contributions of Ataturk University to Turkey has been to provide scientists, lecturers and researchers for most of the new universities. In fact there were only few universities when Ataturk University was established in 1957. Because of its contribution to the development of other universities, Ataturk University has the honour of bearing the title of "MotherUniversity".
AtaturkUniversity has an attractive large campus located only two miles from the city center, provides its residents, both academics and students with a spacious environment. Equipped with the most modern scientific and technical facilities, it serves almost 40.000 students from all parts of the country. Almost all major academic and other facilities like administration building, student residences, lodging houses, recreational and sports centers, teaching hospital, postal services, a local branch of a bank and several automatic teller machines are located within the campus.
The University boasts a modern well designed library which contains over 200.000 books. The central library, with a collection of books and periodicals all of which are on open shelves and easily accessible to users, is supplemented by a fare collection of priceless handwritten volumes. It is one of the region's biggest libraries which is open not only to the students but also to the local community.

Atatürk ـniversitesi 25240 Erzurum, Phone: (+90) 442 231 11 11
 Fax:(+90) 442 236 10 14
 e-mail: webadmin@atauni.edu.tr

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