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Wahhabists networks throughout world (Part 2)


After making connection with pilgrims of Beytullah Al-Haram and taking their addresses, missionary Wahhabists continue their communication, send their content in the forms of pamphlets and booklets with beautiful and expensive covers that attract the readers, introduce them to Wahhabist networks in those countries so that potential members could be convinced and turned into Wahhabists.

By translating Qur’an into most live languages of the world, they have opened the way to communicate with their audience and prepare them to receive religious content through their channels and feed the audience their content. Despite their forefathers who considered every innovation a kind of heresy, contemporary Wahhabists use all technological tools and equipment to advance their objectives; they have an active presence in the Internet and promote their thoughts by creating various information websites. 

They operate several radio, television and satellite stations in Saudi Arabia broadcast programs in different languages for many countries. Wahhabists have infiltrated the press of different countries, owned various press in most of Muslim countries through spending large amounts of money and promote their thoughts in the local language of people.

Saudi Arabia, because of its immense wealth, has influence over most of Muslim countries and has instigated many changes and developments in these countries. Riyadh publishes large number of magazines and papers in the West, introducing Wahhabist thoughts. These known and old papers, including Asharq Al-Awsat and Al Hayat that are published in London, have many readers across the world.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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