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Allah says in Holy Qur'an, "Tell anyone who argues with you(Muhammad) concerning it, once knowledge has come to you:' Come, let us call our children and your children, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves together; then let us plead, and place God's curse upon the liars. '" (Chp.3:Verse.61)

 When the Holy Prophet (pbuh) invited the Christians of Najran to Islam, they selected their most learned men and sent them to Medina to meet the Holy Prophet and learn what Islam is. They entered into scholarly discussions with the Holy Prophet. He proved the truthfulness of his mission from their own reliable sources. These arguments strongly impressed the Christians. Then the Holy Prophet informed them of Allah's command, (Chp.3: Ayat-61) which they agreed upon as the means of settling the discussion and for distinguishing between the truthful and the liars. Very next day the entire party of the Christians waited outside the gates of Medina for the Holy Prophet. They expected him to come with a large number of comrades to over-awe them. But when the gates opened, the Holy Prophet came forth
with a young man on his right, a dignified woman on his left, and two children in front of him. They remained under a tree, facing the Christians.
The most learned man of the Christians, asked about those persons who had come out with Muhammad. He was informed that the young man was his son-in-law and cousin, Ali ibn Abi Talib, the woman was his daughter, Fatima, and the two children were his daughter's sons, Hassan and Hussain. By hearing these names, the Christian’s leader said:" Look there, how confident Muhammad is! He has brought with him his nearest kindred, sons and dear ones, to this spiritual contest of imprecation. By God, if he had any doubt or fear about his stand, he would never have selected them. Now it is not advisable to enter the contest against them."
 All of them agreed with him. Accordingly, they sent a message to the Holy Prophet, saying: "We do not want to contest with you, but would like to make peace with you." The Prophet accepted their proposal. The Christians agreed to pay an annual tribute. The agreement having been signed by both parties, the Christians returned to their homes.

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