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Imam Muhammad At-Taqi (AS)

Name: Muhammad
Title: At-Taqi and Al-Jawad
Nickname: Abu Ja'far
Born: Friday 10th of Rajab 195 A.H., at Medina
Father's Name: Ali ibn Musa
Mother's Name: Khaizaran
Died: At the age of 25 years, at Kazimayn, on 220 AH. Poisoned by Mu'tasin the Abbaside Caliph
Buried: in Kazimayn,Bagdad.
Imam Muhammad (ibn Ali) is the eighth Imam's son. He was born in 195/809 inMedina and according to Shi'ite traditions was martyred in 220/835, poisoned by his wife, Ma'mun's Daughter, at the instigation of the Abbasid caliph Mu'tasim. He was buried next to his grandfather, the seventh Imam, in Kazimayn. He became Imam after the death of his father through Divine Command and by the decree of his forefathers. At the time of the death of his father he was in Medina. Ma'mun invited him to Baghdad which was the capital of the caliphate at that time and outwardly showed him much kindness. He even gave the Imam his daughter in marriage and kept him in Baghdad. In fact he wanted to keep a close watch upon Imam from outside and within his household. Imam spent some time in Baghdad and then by consenting of Ma'mun, set out forMedina where he remained until Ma'mun's death. When Mu'tasim became caliph he called the Imam back to Baghdad and, as we have seen, Imam's wife had poisoned him and Imam got killed.

Taken fromKnow Your Islam by Yousuf N. Lalljee

Some quotations of Imam Javad

Delay in performing works always (cause) perplexity.
Whoever worked without knowledge, his destruction is more than his
Lapse of time uncover hidden secrets.

Don't be God's friend in appearance and his enemy in secret.
Love and friendship is attained by three characters: fairness,
accompaniment and sympathy when hardship, pure heartedness and benevolence to

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