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As said earlier, the most important difference between the view of modern theoretician and Islam towards government is that the modern theories consider the issues of good, happiness and guidance as a personal matter and outside of the domain of government.

But according to Islam, the ultimate objective of government is to provide ground for guiding people, attaining happiness and ultimate perfection.

Islam does not force anyone to accept religious beliefs, but seeks to remove obstacles on the way of guidance in order to pave grounds for a conscious and voluntary faith. Providing freedom or equality is not the only objective of the Islamic government, happiness-seeking and perfectionism are also among the ultimate values and objectives of the theocracy. Hence, the structure of the society and political as well as cultural conditions must provide legitimate freedoms while providing ground for growth and perfection.

Imam Ali has says government owes people education: “O' people, I have a right over you and you have a right over me. As for your right over me, that is for me to counsel you, to pay you your dues fully, to teach you that you may not remain ignorant and instruct you about behaviors that you may act upon. As for my right over you, it is fulfilling (the obligation of) allegiance, well-wishing in [mu] presence or in absence, and respond when I call you and obey when I order you.”‌ [1]


[1] . Nahj al- Balagha, sermon 34

Ahmad Niazi, graduate of Qom Seminary and Phd student of Al Mustafa international university

Source: political science journal, No. 3

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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