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The Leader’s Remarks in the Meeting with the Assembly of Experts (Part 1)


ayatollah khamenei

Characteristics of the system of Velayat

The system of Velayat that includes the collection of decision-making bodies led by the leader must further proceed and make the necessary changes, since these changes are part of the tradition of human life and history.

Of course, the enemies have interpreted absolute Velayat as dictatorship meaning that a just jurist does whatever he wishes which is not true. The point is that a sort of flexibility has been brought about so that the key figure in the system is able to mend the structure and correct the direction of movement where necessary. In the meantime, there are new emerging issues. There are new issues with respect to the economy. For example, we have created the Islamic banking. Nowadays, there are new issues concerning money and banking. These issues have to be resolved with regard to Islamic banking or usury-free banking. Who should accomplish these tasks? Jurisprudence acts as a custodian. There should be high level theological studies in Qom in order to discuss and make clarifications from the jurisprudential point of view about new issues related to the system of governance and the challenges faced as well as the new issues that regularly emerge. There should be constructive jurisprudential discussions. These discussions will later turn into products by intellectuals as well as various academic and non-academic elites that will prove to be useful for the public opinion, students and other nations.

This has to be accomplished and we are in need of it. The outcome of these scholarly examinations can be used by other nations and other countries’ elites. The aforementioned is part of the wise remarks made by the Leader of Islamic Revolution in his recent meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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