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Deraz-No village

deraz-no village

40 km away from Kordkuy, Deraz-No village is located beside a mountain peak with the same name and with an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. Thanks to its high altitude, the village has a fine cool weather, and pure fresh water. Deraz-No has a population of around 200 families and because of the intact nature and environmental attractions, it has turned to one of the recreational tourist sites in the region. This village is on Alborz heights and hence provides a spectacular view to the Gorgan gulf, southeast of the Caspian Sea. This way, more than eleven cities and hundreds of villages of the cities of Golestan and Mazandaran can be viewed from Deraz-No village.

The two natural caves of Ganj-khaneh and Anbaar-Hassan-Khan, besides having an excursion to the northern Iranian forests and around Dakali Mountain peak and hunting on the southern part of Dakali are the attractive activities which draw tourists from different parts of the country and even the world to this village.

It is note-worthy that the proper location and height of this village also attracts those who are interested in parachuting and gliding. The gliders who have experienced flying over this 2700-meter-high village are of the belief that gliding over the northern Iranian forests is among the most enjoyable flights, and that in few regions of the world three different climatic conditions can be experienced simultaneously.

In addition to residential purposes, Deraz-No village is used for summering and wintering during different months of the year. Houses in this village are built in coordination to the climatic conditions of the region. In line with architecture of mountainous areas, the external part of these houses is made of thatch, whereas the walls are wooden and the roofs are covered with a special coat called Kaleh Poosh which is suitable for mountainous areas. Such buildings are beneficial for keeping warmth in winter and being cool in summer, and also being quake-resistant.

Deraz-No is among the Iranian villages in which revival and foresting plans have been conducted by Iran's Natural Resources Organization. Therefore it has regained its intact and natural form. Indigenous species of plantain have added to the region's special beauty and magnificence. Each year in summer, shrub species of barberry, medlar, raspberry, wild apple and pear, and damson grow in addition to camomile, borage, milfoil, pansy, and nettle and other plants which grow wildly in the region. The growing of such plants makes the village environment colorful and beautiful in spring and summer. Moreover, native people benefit from them in treating several diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cold, and some more.

It is also worth knowing that the best known souvenir of Deraz-No village is a special and delicious kind of bread or pone called Shirmaal which is baked by the women. Deraz-No is accessible via a road from Kordkuy. On this road, one of the most beautiful parks of Golestan province and also Iran namely Imam Reza Park is located. From the attractions of this park we can name the two waterfalls of Do-Aab, and Haft-Tabaqe, and also numerous springs and rivers which are shaped by the confluences of smaller streams and brooks or from melted snow.

 As the final point, living in Deraz-No, a village on Alborz mountain with its green land and wild colorful flowers, frees man from all turbulences and stresses of today's mechanical urban life.

Source: Iran English radio

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