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Zainab’s Mother

hazrat zeinab (a.s)

Zainab’s mother, Fatima Al-Zahra (A.S), was model of (Islamic) virtues, very diligent in educating her children and did all housework herself; ground wheat, made dough and baked bread. She spent Thursday nights prostrating and praying for others, never for herself.

She grew so weak because of hard work that Imam Ali (A.S) said, “Drawing water from the well left its mark on Zahra’s chest, because of grinding wheat her hands were covered in calluses and her clothes were always dusty because of cleaning and cooking, and was one of the most truthful people.

This family is the perfect example of mutual respect, and respecting the spouse is one of the principles of their life. Ali (A.S) says, “I swear by God, until the day she departed this world, I never angered her, and was never reluctant to do any work (for her), and she likewise never angered me, nor disobeyed me. Whenever I had a glimpse of her, all sorrow and grief would leave my heart.”

Their family was an exemplary model of almsgiving because it was shelter for orphans, slaves and the poor. All of them, child and adult alike, deprived themselves of their food and gave it to those in need (Verses 7-11 of Al-Insan Chapter describes the giving spirit of this family).

The children of this family, one of them Zainab, learned many things from the ethics and morals of their parents such as knowledge, piety, patience, chastity and presence in political scenes.

According to narratives and accounts, part of Zainab’s (PBUH) knowledge was bestowed upon her by God. Zainab grew up in such a family and such an environment, and was educated by the best teachers of humanity.

By Hussein Alavi Mehr

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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