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Virtues of Zainab (PBUH)

hazrat zeinab (a.s)

Zainab (PBUH), the daughter of Imam Ali and Fatima al-Zahra (PBUH), was born on the 5th Jamadi-ul-Awwal in the 5th or 6th year of Hegira in the city of al- Medina al-Monawara.

Zainab lost her mother when she was five years old and realized what suffering was during childhood.[1]

She suffered many problems and pains during her prosperous life including the death of her mother, father, brothers and her children, and faced bitter experiences such as captivity. These hardships turned Zainab into a patient person.

Zainab has also been called Umm Kulthum Kobra and Sedigheh Sughra. She bore the titles of Mohadaseh (a woman about whom hadith were told), Alemeh (a knowledgeable woman) and Fahimeh (wise woman).

She was a pious, devout, wise, eloquent and chaste woman. Lineage of Prophet, Alawai upbringing and God’s grace had turned her into a person with outstanding characteristics in a way that she was called the Wise Woman of Bani Hashim.

Zainab married her cousin Abdullah ibn Jafar and bore five children, two of whom (Aun ibn Abdullah and Muhammad ibn Abdullah) were martyred in Karbala alongside Imam Hussein (A.S).[2]

After suffering many pains, sorrows and hardships, Zainab passed away in the 62nd year of Hegira. In this article we seek to discuss and recount some of her virtues.

1.The adornment of her father

Normally parents choose the name of their child, but when Zainab (PBUH) was born, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was entrusted with the task of naming her who was on a journey at the time.

Upon hearing the news of Zainab’s birth after his return, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to the house of Imam Ali (A.S), embraced and kissed the toddler and named her Zainab, which means ‘the adornment of her father.’[3]

By Hussein Alavi Mehr

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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