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Orderliness, Key to Success


The person who arranges his/her programs in various walks and phases of life on the basis of a carefully designed order is most likely to achieve the desired level of success  in the fulfilment of the goals. No doubt, through orderliness, discipline and good planning, each goal becomes easy to achieve.

In verse 33 of Chapter 21 of the Holy Qur’an we read about the creation of the night and the day. “It is He who created the night and the day, the sun and the moon, each swimming in an orbit.”‌  From this Qur’anic verse we can infer the perfect amazing order in the world of creation.

Certainly Allah has created all creatures with particular order and has also willed that they should follow a special ordained pattern in their lives, activities and development. In fact, everything in the world goes through its specific route to perfection according to a Divinely-order. Thus, we as responsible human beings need to set our actions based on order and discipline,

Imam Ali (A.S), the Commander of the faithful has advised his followers to be orderly and disciplined. His Holiness has said: “Careful thought and planning before taking action(s) will guard you against remorse.”‌ and “Truly your times are parts of your life.”‌ Thus, try not to let your time be spent on anything but what leads to your salvation.”‌

Imam Khomeini (RA), as a very learned follower of Islam has set very instructive examples in this regard. He would never spend even a few minutes idly. It has been reported that while he was in Paris and had been visited by numerous reporters and journalists, he would engage in reading the Holy Qur’an during the few minutes the reporters were engaged in installing their cameras and getting ready for the interview. In reply to some people around who advised the Imam to take a rest in that short time, he would say: “Am I to waste these moments of my life?”‌ In this regard, Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, narrates a memory from the late Imam Khomeini (RA): “Once we had a too lengthy meeting with the Imam. Eventually Imam looked at the clock and said that it is time for taking a walk. And if we base our life and conduct on order and discipline, our thoughts will naturally become sound.”‌ Also one of the pupils of the late Ayatollah Bahjat describes his prominent master as:

“Ayatollah Bahjat was very careful and orderly in his works. For example, he had planned for the prayers he would recite while going from home to the mosque, reciting each according to the arranged order, so that each moment of his life would be spent in a useful way.

In fact, orderliness and discipline should be observed in speech, in writing, in eating and drinking, in walking, in one’s appearance, in association with the others and in acts of worship.

Orderliness in speech can be regarded as including one’s observance of limits and boundaries in, for instance what to say, when to speak, how to speak, and how far to speak. A very significant point to be mentioned regarding disciplined speech is that both while complimenting and reproaching, care should be taken not to exceed the limits and not to exaggerate. Moderation is the best way.

As for writing in an orderly fashion, it does include certain rules including the observance of harmony, cohesion and relevance between expressions. Concerning the observance of good order, and proper limitations in connection with eating and drinking, reference should first and foremost be made to the words of Divine leaders who have advised moderation and eating and drinking within limits, among others for good health.

Orderliness in walking includes the observance of moderation in the speed, i.e., one should walk neither too slowly, nor too fast. As for an orderly appearance, cleanliness can be regarded as the most significant feature to be emphasized. No doubt, a person with a neat and clean appearance will make much better impression in his/her relations with the others than untidy persons. According to Allah’s last Messenger-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “Cleanliness is part of the Faith.”‌

In conclusion with orderliness in association and companionship with the others, one of the very important points to be kept in mind is the need to specify proper amounts of time for each visit, meeting or party, so that no time would be wasted and no disorder would occur in other activities which need to be attended and require time and energy. And finally, orderliness and discipline in worship, a topic deserving lots of discussion, includes persistence, perseverance and avoidance of going to extremes.

By: Seyyed Muhammad Hadi Tabatabaii

Source: Mahjubah Magezine

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