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Universality of the Mahdi's Mission

imam mahdi (a.s)


Humanity has long yarned for a Saviour. Both scientific and religious texts indicate that cycles of human races lived on the planet Earth, and then went distinct. Archaeological studies takes man's existence to 500,000 years in history, whereas the religious texts puts Adam's fall on Earth some 12,000 years back, indicating to prior existence of humans here.

The Creator has given man a relatively free will to conduct his life, on different parcels of land, in various societies. Throughout human history, God sent very many envoys to guide man towards what is good for him in this life (and the Hereafter). By bringing laws to regulate man's life, the Prophets warned against breaking these laws. Religious legislations have always been harmonious with the natural (existential) laws, leading to abundance, happiness, and peace in man's life.

Many of the humanity's problems can be attributed to the dysfunction of man-made laws. Just examine the isms which were recently made so glamorous and then sharply declined. In the past century, Communism is a good case for academic interests. When a human society moves in a direction opposite to the natural course, it inevitably hits the rock of history. For being based on materialism, Capitalism will soon meet its prescribed destiny.

Balancing both the spiritual and material needs of man, Islam is expected to dominate the global arena. The Qur’an provides a complete code of life - it is a perfect constitution. After testing all other man-made laws, the humanity will eventually profess its need for Islam's equalitarian legislations. Central to these is the concept of Mahdism - a divine figure who will justly implement the codes of laws and help mankind to discover the Earth's abundant treasures.

Reviewing the missions of all Allah's envoys, one will find the implementation of justice is central for all of them. Many prophets fore-warned their peoples from transgression, but their efforts were to no avail. Historically, the Jews were known to be notorious in either belying or killing their prophets. According to the seal of the Prophets' foretelling, the Muslims will follow their suite towards his household.

The Mahdi is one of them - from his daughter Fatimah and the 9th descendent of Hussein. Because Allah has willed to protect the Mahdi, alongside with Prophet Jesus, for the implementation of Allah's decrees, both will have their roles in establishing God's kingdom on Earth. Throughout the course of history, many prophets reminded their peoples of the Days of Allah. Let us first examine these days in sequence.

The Days of Allah

1. Minor Resurrection - The promised day of the Mahdi's reappearance

2. Middle Resurrection - Al-Raj'ah or the return of selected dead persons to life

3. Major Resurrection - The day of Reckoning

Source: Universality of the Mahdi’s Mission

Author: Mahdawiat.com

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