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Islamic Republic on the Path of Imam Khomeini's Ideals: part1

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On first of February, 1979, millions of Iranians flocked to Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport to accord the most unprecedented welcome in world history to the Father of the Islamic Revolution, from almost 15 years of exile. Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace) left Paris in the early morning hours after his farewell message to the French people for their hosting him for a little over three months.

Shortly after the aircraft took off, the Sage of the Age performed the Fajr or dawn prayer in midair before taking rest on the plane floor by wrapping himself with a blanket. He was a picture of calm and confidence, and was the least perturbed while, the pilot, the crew, and the analysts, were nervous amid speculations that the plane might be hijacked or blasted in view of the greatest religious and political figure of the century on board.

At around 09:30 hours Tehran time, in mid-winter 1979, when the plane landed in Iran and the beloved leader disembarked in dignity and grace, assisted by an Air France steward, no one thought that the Islamic Revolution will triumph at such an unbelievable speed in a matter of 10 days, for they had thought of a long drawn bloody struggle between the Iranian nation and the western-backed regime of Shapour Bakhtiar, the Prime Minister of the fugitive Shah. The political bankrupt elements of British-installed and American-supported Pahlavi regime thought they could suppress the movement of the Iranian people with more bloodshed. While the Imam and the people relied on God, the regime relied on Washington and the CIA. As late as August 1978, when it was clear that the tidal wave of the Islamic Revolution was not going to recede, the CIA after assessing the situation of Iran had announced that the situation in Iran is neither revolutionary nor even pre-revolutionary. The US Defense Intelligence Agency had said for its part that the Shah is expected to stay in power for at least 10 more years. US foreign policy theorist and senior political analyst, George Ball had come up with a 7-stage plan for thwarting the victory of the Islamic Revolution, expressing confident that one of these stages would definitely end the people’s movement in Iran. All these analyses were proved totally wrong as the grassroots uprising of the Iranian Muslim people speedily gained victory with unique speed on February 11, 1979, thanks to Divine support for Imam Khomeini's leadership.

The millions who turned out to vociferously greet their beloved leader upon his arrival home from exile this day 33 years ago, was a firm indication of the conscious uprising of the Iranian Muslim people, determined to achieve their objectives, under the astute leadership of Imam Khomeini. The electrifying events of the next ten days set the stage for the complete triumph of the people’s Islamic Revolution, and hence these memorable days are celebrated each as the Glorious Ten Day Dawn.

As the Imam himself described the victory of the Islamic Revolution "A spiritual development took place in the society which cannot be named except a miracle and divine will."

French photographer and filmmaker Patrick Chauvel who shot to fame in 1967 by taking close range photos and making documentaries of both the US war in Vietnam and the 6-day Zionist war against the armies of four Arab countries, describing his meeting with Imam Khomeini in Paris, says:

When I first saw Ayatollah Khomeini, I felt that this great would soon be victorious. He was different from the personalities that I had ever met. There was a kind of radiance on his face which I had never seen anywhere else. The revolution he inspired was different from the other revolutions. From my filming of the events of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, it was clear that the Iranian people were determined but neither angry nor frustrated.

Source: irib.ir

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