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  • 9/22/2012

Protests Held in Tehran to Condemn Insulting Cartoons

protests held in tehran to condemn insulting cartoons

Demonstrations were held in Tehran on Thursday and Friday to condemn a French magazine for publishing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad.

The worshippers attending this week’s Friday prayers in Tehran held a demonstration and issued a statement in condemnation of the French magazine after the prayers.

In the statement, the worshippers said that the enemies of Islam are seeking to isolate the followers of the Prophet and impede or stop the progress of current revolutions through publishing such blasphemous cartoons and insulting the Prophet.

The worshippers emphasized that the blasphemy against the Prophet is a conspiracy hatched by the United States and the Zionist regime.

“The enemies describe any kind of Muslims’ resistance as ‘terrorism’ to unite their allies against it (the resistance),”‌ the worshippers noted.

In the statement, the French Muslims were asked to bring the perpetrators of the blasphemy to justice.

A number of university and seminary students also held a demonstration in front of the French Embassy in Tehran on Thursday to condemn the blasphemy by the French magazine.

The students shouted various slogans including “Yes to Prophet Muhammad”‌ and “Down with France”‌.

By Sadroddin Musawi

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