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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Necessity of defense of Palestinians’ uprising


Now the revolutionary and brave Muslims of Palestine are shouting inviting Muslims to uprising and unity with tremendous effort and divine clamor from the place of the ascension 1 of the seal of the Prophets (peace be upon him and his progeny), launching a movement against global blasphemy? With what excuse in front of God the Omnipotent and the wakeful human conscience can one be indifferent to this Islamic question. Now that the blood of our dear Palestinian youth have weltered the walls of Masjid al-Aqs?? and are gunned down by a handful of fraudulent people in response to demanding their rightful claim, is it not disdainful for ardent Muslims not to respond to their innocent outcry and not to sympathize with them? Let their sympathy with them awaken the governments to employ their enormous Islamic power and curtail the hand of the world-devouring US, this criminal of history, which holds the evil hand of Israel from across the seas in token of support for the tyrants, and rescue themselves and the oppressed peoples of the world. It is hoped that the Beneficent God will favor man and2 materialize His Qur’anic promise to make the oppressed people victorious over the arrogant powers.

April 14, 1982 [Farvardin 25, 1361 AHS / Jamqdi ath-Thani 19, 1402 AH] Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol.16, p.190


Divine transition of all nations a way leads to the fulfillment of God’s promise

It is hoped that the divine promise to the oppressed shall be realized soon and the powerful hands of the Exalted Truth reveals itself as soon as possible from under the sleeves of the oppressed nations. The divine transformation that has occurred in Iran shall become a reality by the will of God in all nations and lands so that the hands of the tyrants are cutoff from committing crimes against the oppressed of the world and the innocent regain their lost rights.

February 11, 1983 [Bahman 22, 1361 AHS / Rabi’ ath-Thani 27, 1403 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 17, p. 318




Efforts to be exerted for creation of unity among oppressed ones of the Globe

Those oppressed ones around the Globe who are under subjugation of America or those that are under domination of the rest of the powers—do not awaken and do not join hands and arise, the satanic domination will not cease. We must all strive to realize the unity among the oppressed of every religion and creed for if God forbid, we are lethargic, these two arrogant poles of the East and the West shall destroy all of us like a cancer. We are determined to stamp out all subjugations and you must strive to acquaint the nations with the truth.

May 10, 1983 [Ordibehesht 20, 1362 AHS / Rajab 26, 1403 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 17, p. 249




Non-Match able power of one billion populations

The oppressed people of the world be they in Latin America, the Soviet Union, Central America and other places have awakened. Oppressed people of the world do not accept those things they used to accept in the past. Today, powers should listen to nations … Therefore, we should let people all over the world know that today the situation is different from the past. The oppressed people should rise up and take their revenge on the oppressors. This is attainable. Muslims should be united. Unfortunately, many of the Muslim rulers sabotage the plans. Muslims should close their ranks. If they do so, they will create a non-dominate able force, not comparable with any other power. One billion believing people differ from one billion disbelieving ones or one billion disbelieving people. Morning, February 28, 1984 [Esfand 9, 1362 AHS / Jam?d? al- Awwal 25, 1404 AH] S?ah??fe-ye Im?m, vol. 17, p. 249




Mission of the oppressed ones for implementation of universal government

O, you deprived people of the world! O, you Muslims and Muslim countries of the world! Rise up and fight for your rights! Do not be afraid of the propaganda operations of the superpowers and their mercenaries. Drive out from your lands your wicked rulers who hand over your earnings to your enemies and the enemies of Islam. You, yourselves and the dedicated public servants should take charge of the affairs of your country. Gather all of you, under the proud banner of Islam and fight the enemies of Islam and of the deprived peoples of the world. Advance toward an Islamic sovereign government with so many free and independent republics. If you realize this, the arrogant powers would retreat to their own places. All deprived people would come to inherit the earth and attain guardianship over it. Looking forward to the day when Allah’s promise shall be fulfilled!

Khordad 15, 1368 AH Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 21, p. 448


"Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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