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Easy Tips on Curing Sweaty Feet

sweaty feet

Most patients who have sweaty hands will also have sweaty feet, known medically as Plantar Hyperhidrosis. Excessive foot sweating can be as severe as hand sweating. The causes of excessively sweaty feet are one that doctors are still perplexed about, but many attribute genes and heredity as culprits. It is known that high level of activity directly affect the sympathetic nervous system. This is the system that sends messages to a body’s ganglia. When incorrect messages are sent, it causes sweating. It is the body’s defense to overheating itself; so essentially, sweating is a life saver.

Excessive foot sweating occurs when wrong messages are sent from the sympathetic nervous system to one’s plantar hyperhidrosis gland which can be found in the lumbar sympathetic chain.

 Sweaty feet can be quite the nuisance, particularly when no remedy seems to help. Many people suffer from excessive feet sweating and that can be embarrassing and offensive to others. Feet have over 3,000 sweat glands for every square inch and when they sweat, the bacteria run rampant. So what can be done about it?

Fortunately there are many remedies available for someone who has sweaty feet syndrome. Here are some useful tips on curing yourself of sweaty feet.

Tips on Curing Sweaty Feet        


Wash your feet thoroughly so that you wash away the feet’s sweat gland secretions. These secretions contain various chemicals and acids which break down in the presence of certain bacteria to give off a foul smell. Regular washing will clean your feet of the bacteria and the chemicals.

Salt Water

Salt has a drying effect on the skin. To cure the feet of excessive sweating mix two tablespoons of Epsom salts in two quarts of warm to clean and freshen up the feet, this solution will also help keep feet dry.


Deodorants cannot control the sweat but are very good in removing odors. They also contain antibacterial properties that can eliminate the bacteria of the feet. To stop both the sweat and the odors you can use antiperspirants, which are very effective.


Powders containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate are very effective in removing the odors from the feet.

Proper Socks

Most socks do not allow the feet to breathe and so the foot starts sweating. Wear socks that keep the feet dry and airy. Changing socks twice a day removes the odor effectively. Also do not wear the same socks two days in a row without washing.

Proper Shoes

During summer when the feet tend to sweat more it is better to wear sandals instead of shoes. This allows the air to evaporate the sweat and also eliminate the bacteria. If you want to wear shoes then leather and canvas shoes are the best options. Completely avoid shoes made with rubber or synthetic materials. Wash the shoes regularly or air dry them in the sun. You can also sprinkle cornstarch inside the shoes. Cornstarch adsorbs the moisture and keeps the feet dry.

Buy some washable insoles for your shoes, and wash them every day.

Stay Calm

The sweat production increases due to stress and anxiety which helps in the proliferation of bacteria. Staying calm goes a long way in reducing stress and anxiety which will significantly reduce the sweat secretion.

Another factor is the level of toxicity on your body. These toxics originate from foods with high content of saturated fats and also from drinking of liquors. Lack of exercise and laziness can cause toxics from building in your body. People who also drink a little amount of water are found to have high level of toxicity.

Home Remedies


Take a medium sized ginger and crush it to a pulp. Soak this in warm water for some time and apply the solution in the feet every night. Apply for a period of three weeks to get good results.


Take two dozen radishes and blend them in a blender. Using a strainer strain the juice out. Now add ¼ teaspoon of glycerin and pour into a spray bottle. Spray on the foot to reduce the odor.

Black Tea

Black tea contains tannic acid that prevents the feet from sweating. Boil 1 quart of water and add 5 bags of black tea. Boil for 10 minutes and set for cooling. Add ice cubes and soak your feet in the solution for 20 minutes.

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