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The Unpleasant Act of Ogling


Almighty God has granted us with valuable gifts. Physical talents and abilities are among them. The least God expects from us is not to use the gifts He has granted us against His path. Like not to listen to what He considers as unpleasant with ears, not to taste what He has appointed as prohibited with the tongue, and not to commit sins using our valuable gifts, eyes, which are meant to look at and learn from the beauties of the creation.

But heedless human beings, pay no attention to this issue and despite being aware that everything comes from God and that they need to use them in the right way, they still use God’s gifts in the way of committing sins and they add to their distance from God.

The subject of this article is the gift of eyes; a blessing that one could use to look carefully at the world and to learn a lot of lessons from it, or to use it to look at one’s relatives with affection and to get closer to God. It could also be used for looking at the luminous pages of the Quran and to gain an understanding of the divine verses. But why do we use this valuable gift to commit sins and win the divine outrage for ourselves? The habit of ogling has been clearly condemned.

Imam Sadiq has repeatedly said that ogling is similar to the poisonous arrows of Satan.

Basically anyone who commits any sin, amongst them the sin of ogling, does not mean to repeat the sin and thinks that he is doing it for the first and the last time. But with the persistence of the devil, this sin will turn into an ugly and unpleasant habit, stains one’s spirit, and distances him from God.

Imam Sadiq said, “Ogling is like a poisonous arrow from the Satan and it could bring regret.”‌

Islam recommends the believers to control their carnal desires and not to commit sins, because if they do they will have to deal with the Satan after that.

Jesus Christ, the son of holy Mary, says, “Stay away from ogling, as it brings lust to the heart and gets one into trouble.”‌

One should wipe away from his life everything that could lead him towards this sin; things like inappropriate satellite channels or internet websites, etc.

Prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever turns his look away from what is prohibited, God, in return, will grant him with such a sweet faith.”‌

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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