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Culture and Civilization

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o That which develops the nations is sound culture.

o Culture is the source of all the misery and happiness of a nation. o If culture is made sound, a country can be reformed.

o With a sound culture, our youth develop soundly.

o   If cultural and educational problems are solved in line with the country's

expediencies, other problems will easily be solved.

o   Essentially, culture forms the identity and existence of a society. With a

pervet culture, no matter how powerful a community may be economically, politically, industrially, and militarily, that community is vain, empty and hollow.

o   If we are culturally dependent, it follows that we are socially,

economically and politically dependent as well.

o Cultural reform and freeing our youth from dependency on the culture of

      the West precede all other reforms.

o   Iran has been hurt more by Westernized intellectuals than by any other

group of men.

o   It is of utmost regret that our country, which has the Islamic laws, justice

and culture, has abandoned them, and has become a follower of the West.

o   We cannot administer this country unless we replace this colonial mind

with an independent mind.

o A colonial culture rears colonial youth for the country. o The way to reform a country is to reform its culture first. o Cultural perversion perverts a country.

o The independence and integrity of a society stems from its culture.

o We are not opposed to civilization; we oppose expoted civilization for it

     is this type of civilization that has reduced us to our present conditions.

o We want a civilization that is based on human honor and dignity.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book

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