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Allah-o-Akbar (Kheibar) offensive operation (May 21st, 1981)

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The first coordinated operation of Islamic Republic of Iran forces which was accomplished by army units and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps accompanied by Dr.Chamran's irregular forces was Allah-o-Akbar operation. It has also been registered as Kheibar and Imam Ali (PBUH) in some of war history books. This operation started in Susangerd local area at 4 a.m. on May 21st. 1981 with the code of ya Rasol-Allah (PBUH) to capture Allah-o-Akbar heights and continued until dawn of May 26th the same day. This operation was launched by Ahwaz 92nd armor division of army under the leadership of martyr major general Masoud Monfared Niaki.

At that time general condition of battlefronts indicated a complete standstill. That inappropriate condition necessitated a movement in the area and Allah-o-Akbar area for many reasons was designated for implementation of a proper operation. The reasons were violent Struggle and confrontation between friendly forces and Iraqis in 1980 which notably had frightened the enemy.

 Meanwhile, by employing less manpower an acceptable operation was practicable and the environmental situation for attacking the enemy seemed very suitable.


-Allah-o-Akbar hills, Shahitiyeh area and around one hundred square kilometers of Susangerd's north lands were liberated and enemy's units were completely destroyed.

-500 hundred Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded and about 700 were taken captive.

-About one hundred tanks and personnel carriers were destroyed in this operation, twoT62 tanks, 10 PMP1 personnel carriers and a great deal of equipment and ammunition were confiscated by friendly forces.


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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