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Bazideraz offensive operation (1) (April22nd, 1981)

iran-iraq war, soldiers

Bazideraz famous heights in the west of Islamic Republic of Iran possess precipitous and continuous cleft peaks each of which 1050 to 1150 meters height. These heights are important and form natural obstacles to any military operation separating Sarpol-e-Zahab to Qasr-e-Shirin form the Gilan-e-Gharb-Cham Imam Hassan axis.

Despite these precipitous heights, they are good and dominating positions for observation. Iraqi forces at first installed temporary bases over there and then by building asphalt road occupied the 1150 meter peak and located a tank company with an infantry brigade on it. The observation post being located on the peak with considerable communicating facilities was named Saddam observation post and Iraqi forces did monitor the area.

Mohsen's operation plan was designed by third brigade of Kermanshah 81st armor division of Islamic Republic of Iran army in coordination with Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on April 17 th, 1981. It was conducted by the fore-most headquarter of army on April 22nd. 1981 .Despite 7 days of heavy operation and capturing designated objectives by friendly forces, the 1150-meter height was retaken again by Iraq due to its relentless counterattacks. In this operation the brave pilot of army aviation, Ali Akbar Shiroodi, suffered martyrdom.


- The objectives on early days of battle were captured but unfortunately the 1150-meter- high peak at the final day of Operation was lost. -More than 1500 Iraqis were killed and wounded and 458 others were taken captive. The third mountain infantry brigade was destroyed and the 22nd mountain brigade suffered-casualties and losses. -Seven fighters and five choppers were shot down and many tanks, personnel carries and combat vehicles were also destroyed.

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