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Hendeli channel offensive operation (April 4th, 1981)

iranian soldier

At the turn of the Year 1980, IRI forces got prepared to drive Iraqi troops out provided that the favorable opportunities were provided.

Accordingly, since May, 1981 a series of offensive operations were launched in the form of combat reconnaissance. The most outstanding actions, in the west of Karkheh River, were carried out by Hamzeh 2 1st infantry division for the following purposes:

 The expansion of the beachhead in the west of Karkheh river, reduction of the enemy’s artillery effectiveness against Shush city, facilitating the future offensive operations, annihilation of enemy troops, improving friendly forces' morale, getting intelligence out of Iraqi units, and acquiring better position as to the deployment of forces on land.

At dawn on April 4th, 1981 Hamzeh 21st  infantry division along with the head quarter of its first brigade launched Hendeli channel operation in the south west of Karkheh river to seize the Hendeli  channel in the area. Hendeli channel was a ditch in the shape of a handle which was created before the Islamic revolution. Some water of Khakheh river was pumed into this channel to be used for watering the nearby agricultural lands.


- Heavy losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy. - 100 soldiers were killed and injured and 57 others captured. -5 tanks, 5 personnel carriers together with some light weapons and equipment of the enemy were destroyed or confiscated however the seinzed channel couldn't be secured.


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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