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Iranian Boy Names

part 1


Name                                                 Meaning            

abbAs (A)            Frowning, looking austere; also means lion

abou-ali                Name of a famous Iranian scientist and philosopher

abtin                     A character in Shahnameh, Fereidoun's father

adel (A)                                          Righteous

afshAr   ???

afshin    ???

ahmad (A)                                Most praiseworthy

akbar (A)                                        Big

ali (A)                        High; also Mohammad's son-in-law

ali-dAd  ???

amin (A)                                 Honest

amir                                     King, Emir

amjad (A)                 Most excellent, glorious

anoush ???

anoushiravAn             Name of a Persian king

ArAd                           Name of an angel

ArAm                           Quiet

Arash                 A hero in Persian folklore (He sacrificed

ardalAn                ???

ardavAn               A character in Shahnameh

ardeshir               A character in Shahnameh

Aref (A)                Wise, intelligent

ArmAn                 Ideal, hope, aspiration

Armeen               A character in Shahnameh

arsalAn Lion

arshiA   Throne

AryA      Aryan

arzhang                A character in Shahnameh

asad (A)                         Lion

asghar (A)                     Small

ashkAn ???

Atash    Fire

Aurang/Orang                Wisdom, understanding

AzAd     Free


BAbak                           A character in Shahnameh

Bahman               Name of the 11th month of the Iranian calender

BahrAm                A character in Shahnameh; also the planet Mars

BAmdAd                                   Early Morning

BAmeen              ???

BamshAd             ???

BardiA                        Name of a Prince

BehnAm               Reputable (someone with honorable name)

BehrAd ???

Behrang                           Good color

Behrouz                             Fortunate, lucky

BehzAd                ???

Bizhan/Bijan                 A character in Shahnameh

BornA                              Young, youthful

Borzoo  ???

Bozorgmehr               A character in Shahnameh


Changeez                    Chengiz Khan

Cirrus/Cyrus                Kourosh, first king of Iran


DAdbeh               ???

Danush                ???

DArA                      Wealthy; also a character in Shahnameh

DArAb                               A character in Shahnameh

DAriush/Daryush             Name of Persian king

DAvood                           David


Ebi (A)                         Paternal

EbrAhim (A)                  Abraham

EhsAn (A)                     Goodness

EmAd (A)                      Confidence

Esfandyar/Esfandiar        A character in Shahnameh

EsmAeel (A)                   Ishmael (son of Abraham)


FarAmarz                     A character in Shahnameh

FarAz                       Above, up, upon, on the top

Farbod                            Right, orthodox

FardAd  ???

Fardin    ???

FarhAd                      A character in Shahnameh

Farhang                Good-breeding

Fariborz                A character in Shahnameh

Farid                       Unique

FarjAd                 Excellent, eminent in learning

Farrokh                Happy, fortunate

FarrokhzAd            Happily born

FarshAd                 Happy

Farshid/Farsheed            ???

FarzAd                        Splendid birth

FarzAm                     Worthy, befitting

FarzAn                            Wise

Farzin/Farzeen            Learned

Ferdows                        Paradise

Fereydoon                  A character in Shahnameh

Firouz                           Victorious

Foroohar                          Essence

Foroud/Forood             A character in Shahnameh

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