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Rivers, Golestan


Alestan River, Gorgan

The "Alestan" River also known as "Roodbar Alestan" originates from the northern region of "Qoroq Land" Mountain at 47 km. from southeast of Gorgan. Flowing through the western valley of "Nileh Tah" and "Gandi" Mountains it goes towards north. After flowing for 7 km. it combines with a branch originating from "Bidar" and after crossing the Astan Village it adjoins the "Siyahmarzkooh" River and together forms the "Roodbar Muhammad" River.

Atrak River, Gorgan

This river originates from Hezar Masjed and Lalehruban mountains in the Province of Khorassan and Golestan and enters the Caspian Sea. Its length is about 600 km. This river along its course, flows from Shirvan, Bojnurd, Maraveh tappeh and then forms a delta in the south west and enters the Gulf of Hussein Qoli. According to the Iran and Russian agreement in 1882, the Atrak River is a frontier between Iran and Russia after Chat which is now the frontier between Iran and Turkmenistan.

Dahaneh River, Gonbad Kavoos

The Dahaneh River is formed by the adjoining of "Anas Khivag" and "Mothersoo" Rivers, in the Tangar Village, 54 km. north east of Gonbad Kavoos. The same, passing through the valleys in the north and south, flows towards the west. After flowing through various villages and joining minor and major streams it flows westwards. After flowing for about 7 km., and forming a semi circle, it runs towards north. In the south east of the "Aman Khajeh" Village it enters the Gorgan River.

Gorgan Rood River, Gorgan

This river begins from the Aladaq Mountains in Bojnurd and after a long course about 200 km. and crossing the mountains, valleys, Kalan desert, the vicinities of Gorgan town, Gonbad Kavoos, the Gorgan plain and Aq Qala, in a place known as "Khajeh Nafs" it finally enters the Caspian Sea. The Gorgan River appears stagnant with a slow water current, but in the rain it becomes muddy. A dam is constructed on it and its water is used for agricultural purposes.

The existence of the lake, dam beside the quiet surroundings and waterfall create possibilities for recreational purposes and especially for water sports.

Gorjavan River, Ali Abad

The above mentioned river is formed by the adjoining of "Vejadareh" and "Zarin Gol" Rivers, 8 km. southeast of Ali Abad. After passing through the Katool Village, east of Qasem Khan Lake, it adjoins the Chah Ali River. Finally at 3 km. east of Arban Aloom Village it enters the Gorgan River.

Qarahsoo River, Gorgan

This river is formed from the over flow of the Imamzadeh and Garmabdasht Rivers, 16 km. southeast of Gorgan. After irrigating some villages on its course, in the vicinity of the coastal village of Qarah Soo, it enters the Caspian Sea.

Other Rivers, Golestan

Aqband, Torkoulou, Ramian, Karanki, Nailavan rivers in Gonbad Kavoos, Anaskioug, Khanindarreh, Bozpol Valley Barcheli, Qarnaveh, Madarsou, Vajadareh, Kourkoli and Garmabdasht in Gorgan are the other important rivers in the Golestan Province.

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