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Timeline of Iranian History

part 7


1973: The fourth development plan starting in 1968 ends.


1975: The Shah dissolves the two existing government backed parties. Iran officially becomes a one party system. The beginning of the Iranian calendar is changed from the Prophet Muhammad’s Hijrat to the start of the Achaemenid dynasty.


1978: In September massive demonstrations against shah leads to riots and strikes. Martial law is imposed.


1979: In January Shah and his family leave Iran and Pahlavi rule ended in Iran. Shah dies in Egypt in 1980 from cancer.


1979, January 16th: The Shah and his family are forced into exile. An interim government headed by Shapour Bakhtiyar is appointed by the shah.


1979, February 1st: Imam Khomeini returns to Iran following almost15 years of exile in Iraq and a few months in France. The interim government is dismissed.


1979, April 1st: The Islamic Republic of Iran is proclaimed following a referendum.


1980: The first president of the new republic, Bani Sadr is elected in January. Shah dies in Egypt in July. Iraq invades Iran in September. The American hostages are released after 444 days in captivity. Bani-Sadr is impeached by a vote of 177-1 in the parliament.


1981:  Bani-Sadr, the first president elect is dismissed, he later flees to France. A massive bomb attack by Mujahedin Khalq kills many leaders including the new president Rajai. Ayatollah Khamenei is elected the 3rd president.


1982: Israel invades Lebanon. Iran sends Revolutionary Guards to Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.


1983: Kurds are defeated throughout Kurdistan.


1985: Ayatollah Khamenei is re- elected the President.


1988: Iran accepts a ceasefire agreement with Iraq following negotiations in Geneva under the aegis of the United Nations in July. Iraq mascaras thousands of Iraqi Kurds for supporting Iran.


1989:  Imam Khomeini issues a religious edict (fatwa) ordering Muslims to kill British author, Salman Rushdie, for his novel, 'The Satanic Verses', considered blasphemous to Islam. Imam Khomeini dies in June. Ayatollah Khamenei becomes the supreme leader. Rafsanjani becomes the president.


1990:  Iran and Iraq resume diplomatic relations in September.


1991: Thousands of Kurds flee to Iran following attacks by Saddam Hussein, after invasion of Kuwait and his defeat.


1995:   The US imposes oil and trade sanctions against Iran.


1996: The U.S. Congress imposes more sanctions on Iran and Libya.


1997: Mohammad Khatami, wins the presidential election. He is re-elected again in 2001.

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