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Timeline of Iranian History

part 4


1861: Iran loses the province of Merv to the British in Afghanistan.


1873: Nasir al Din Shah starts his first European journey.


1878: The Shah travels to Russia. He asks for Russia’s help to set up a Cossack Brigade in Iran.


1879: The first modern police force with help from Austria was formed. The Cossack Brigade under the command of Russian officers starts functioning.


1888: Sir Henry Drummond Wolf arrives in Iran from England and begins obtaining economic concessions.


1896: Nasir al-din Shah is assassinated.


1897: The Society of Learning is formed by leading intellectuals in Tehran and attracts many prominent supporters.


1904: The first National library is founded in Tehran.


1905: The start of protests that lead to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in Iran. The uproar was caused by the flogging of two respectable merchants in Tehran.


1906: Muzzafar al-Din Shah is forced to accept the convocation of a national assembly. Iran officially becomes a constitutional monarchy. He died five days later.


1908: The new Shah, Muhammad Ali attacks and bombs the new parliament with help from the Russian officers of the Cossack Brigade.


1909: Tabriz is occupied by the Russians in April. Muhammad Ali Shah is defeated and the constitution is reinstated in July. The Shah is forced to abdicate in favor of his minor son Ahmad Shah.



1910: Democrats gain more control in the parliament by making an alliance with the Bakhtiyari. Mujahedin are disarmed, Shaikh Khazal and Solet Qashqa’i start collaboration.


1917: The Russian Revolution transforms Russia into a communist country.


1918: Northern Azerbaijan in Russia is declared the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Kurdish leader, Simqu starts a rebellion in Iranian Kurdistan, it ended in 1922.

He was responsible for the last major massacre of Christians in Iran.


1919: The Anglo-Iranian Agreement is drawn in London. Known as Vosouq Contract it was declared illegal by the Iranian nationalists since the parliament was not in session.


1920: the Jangali militants announced the formation of the Persian Soviet Republic in Gilan. Shaikh Muhammad Khiyabani established the Republic of Azadistan in Tabriz. The military forces sent from Tehran crushed both movements.


1920-1921: An Iranian-Russian treaty is agreed between the two countries. The terms were highly favorable to Iran. The Iranian government declares that the treaty with Russia is not valid until all Russian troops leave Iran. The matter remains open.


1921: In February 1921, colonel Reza Khan with three to four thousand troops from the Cossack Brigade marched from Qazvin to Tehran and executed a bloodless coup d’etat.

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