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A – Z of Iranian History



Lak (Laki): A tribal group and a Luri related dialect, southern Kurdish in origin.

They live mainly in Iran. The Zand dynasty was Laki in origin.


Lullubi: Ancient group of tribes that inhabited the plains of Zagros Mountains in western Iran. A warlike people, they appeared around 2200 BC.


Luri: An archaic dialect derived from New Persian and spoken by the Luri tribes in Iran. It is closely related to the Kurdish language. The term applies to both the language and the people.


Lurs: An Indo-Iranian group, they occupy western and southwestern Iran and some still live as nomads. Their language is closely related to Kurdish, and Kurdish sources as late as 16th century names them as a Kurdish tribe.


Luristan: A province located in western Iran, the area has been home to Luri groups for thousands of years. The inhabitants are mainly Luri and Bakhtyari and the area has been home to many groups including ancient Kassites.

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