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A – Z of Iranian History



Caspian Sea: The Caspian Sea is located in northwest Asia, landlocked between Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. It is the largest lake in the world and currently a cause of tension between different countries bordering its’ shores.


Caucasians: The indigenous population of the Caucasus region in southeastern European Russia , including Armenians, and Georgians amongst others.


Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiyari: A province in Iran in the central Zagros area. It borders Isfahan, Boir Ahmadi & Kuhgiluya and Luristan provinces.  It is inhabited by many Bakhtyari, but has a mixed population including, Kurds and Turkish speaking groups and Persians.


Chahar Shanbeh Suri ( Jumping Over the Fire):  This festival originally has been a purification rite and part of an ancient ancestor cult. It is one of the most popular national festivals in Iran. It is celebrated on the last Tuesday of the year. At sunset, all Iranians will jump over bon fires and continue festivities with music, feasts and celebrations.


Chaldiran Battle:  In 1514, the Ottoman ruler Sultan Selim I, launched a battle against Shah Ismail I. He won in a decisive victory and Iran lost control of eastern Anatolia. Chaldiran is located in northeast of Lake Van in eastern Anatolia (the Asian part of Turkey).


Chamishkazaklu: A Kurdish group from Anatolia and Caucasia. They were resettled by Shah Abbas the Great in northern Khurasan in the early 1600s.


Chorasmia (Khwarazm): An ancient Persian province, the area is located in present day Uzbekistan, and has been on and off part of the Iranian territories. In the Avestan Gathas it is the country where its’ king protects Prophet Zoroaster.

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